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Mission Statement

The Resource Allocation Service (RAS) will build on XSEDE’s current allocation processes and evolve to meet the challenges presented by new types of resources to be allocated via XSEDE, new computing and data modalities to support increasingly diverse research needs, and large-scale demands from the user community for limited XSEDE-allocated resources.

Goals, Metrics & KPIs


User satisfaction with XRAS system4 of 5Sustain - Provide excellent user support
User satisfaction with allocations process4 of 5Sustain - Provide excellent user support
Availability of XRAS99%Sustain - Provide reliable, efficient, and secure infrastructure


Average user satisfaction rating for allocations and other support services*4 of 5

Average composite availability of core services**


*This is a composite KPI calculated by taking the average of the metrics for "User satisfaction with XRAS system" and "User satisfaction with allocations process"

**This KPI contributes to the Operations Area Metric "Average composite availability of core services (geometric mean of critical services and XRAS)"

Leadership Team

Dave HartNational Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Sonia NayakSan Diego Supercomputer CenterProject
Ester SorianoNational Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)A3M
Ken HackworthPittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC)APP

Communication & Meetings

RAS-MGMT Meetings — The RAS management team (L2 director, L3 managers, project manager, XSEDE evaluator) meets biweekly

RAS Sprint Planning — Every other Monday, 8:30 am MT

RAS Backlog Refinement — Every other Wednesday, 10 am MT

RAS Planning Meeting – Sep 22-23, 2016

RAS Planning Meeting 2017

RAS Planning Meeting 2018

XSEDE Development Coordination

New Staff Orientation


Groups and Projects


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