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Mission Statement

The mission of XSEDE Operations is to install, connect, maintain, secure, and evolve an integrated cyberinfrastructure that incorporates a wide range of digital capabilities to support national scientific, engineering, and scholarly research efforts.

Operations Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPI (Project)Target
Average composite availability of core services (geometric mean of critical services and XRAS) 99.9% / qtr
Mean time to ticket resolution (hrs) (user, non-staff tickets - all WBS queues including XOC) <24 / qtr
KPI (L2)Target
Hours of downtime with direct user impacts from an XSEDE security incident0 / qtr
Mean rating of user satisfaction with tickets closed by the XOC 4.5 out of 5 / qtr

Leadership Team

Greg PetersonNational Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS)Operations
Victor HazlewoodNational Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS)Deputy Operations
Scott WellsNational Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS)Project

Communication & Meetings

Operations management meets weekly on Tuesday at 3:00 pm EST 

New Staff Orientation

XSEDE Integration Overview

 XSEDE Integration Overview Diagram

Operations Groups

WBS 2.4.2 Cybersecurity (SecOps) 

WBS 2.4.3 Data Transfer Services (DTS)

WBS 2.4.4 XSEDE Operations Center (XOC)

WBS 2.4.5 System & Operations Support (SysOps)


XSEDE Acceptable Use Policy v1.3 approved March 3, 2016 by XSEDE Leadership team (see March 3rd SMT meeting minutes).


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