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  • WBS 2.3.2 XSEDE Gateway Catalog 2021-01-12 Meeting
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Agenda, Discussion, and Action Items

Agenda & Discussion


Primary: Enable XSEDE Science Gateway Discovery through the Research Software Portal (RSP)

Secondary but desirable: Enable SGCI Science Gateway Discovery through the Research Software Portal (RSP)

Related Resources

The Research Software Portal XSEDE Software Discovery

XSEDE Catalog

SGCI Catalog


XSEDE XCDB gateway catalog:

  • Contains production and non-production (pre, retired, rejected, etc.) Science Gateways
  • Normally gateways were registered through the communicate allocations request process, but some recent gateways that don't need community allocations because they run on Jetstream cloud resources haven't been registered
  • Several fields determine which gateways are production and visible in the XUP's gateway listing
  • Rob plans to review, add, and otherwise cleanup the list of XSEDE gateways
  • Some registrations don't represent traditional Science Gateways
  • Used as a tool for XSEDE management (Rob) to vet and flag which Science Gateways have officially satisfied XSEDE Science Gateway requirements 

SGCI catalog

  • Much more comprehensive than XSEDE's catalog
  • Some registration don't represent traditional Science Gateways, but rather science gateway development frameworks, and science gateway supporting tools and services

Research Software Portal

  • Has ~1700 XSEDE software components, but is missing most of the Science Gateways
  • Science Gateways are in the "Software" Resource Group and have a "Online Service" Type


  • Because the term "Science Gateway" means something to the community it is important that users be able to discover using those terms

Proposed Path Forward


Leverage the SGCI Science Gateways catalog for public information about XSEDE Science Gateways, and reduce the role of the XSEDE gateway catalog to "flagging" which SGCI gateways are XSEDE production and for tracking non-production gateways.

XSEDE XCDB gateways impact:

  • Add an SGCI ID field that identifies the corresponding SGCI Science Gateway registration (most likely the SGCI gateway ID)
  • Production XSEDE Science Gateways must be registered in the SGCI Science Gateway registry and have an SGCI ID in XCDB
  • Eliminate redundant fields that are duplicates of what the SGCI catalog has
  • Keep at Title field, even if it's redundant, so that XCDB gateway records have a human recognizable name/title

XUP impact:

  • XUP gateway registration forms will need to be modified to add the SGCI ID field and remove redundant fields
  • XUP gateway list UI will be converted to display SGCI science gateway information for XCDB flagged Science Gateways

RSP software discovery impact:

  • Load and enable discovery of all SGCI Science Gateways
  • Once XCDB has the SGCI ID, flag XSEDE production SGCI Science Gateways in for RSP Discovery.

Action Items

For leads and members of their teams:

  • Maytal, Rob, and Nathan: make changes to the XCDB gateway schema
  • Rob: add the SGCI ID to XCDB production gateways
  • Maytal: update the XUP gateway display UI to display SGCI Gateway information for XSEDE gateways
  • JP: load all SGCI gateways into the RSP
  • JP: flag XCDB production gateways in the RSP