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WBS 2.3.2, XCI Requirements Analysis and Capability Delivery "RACD", team tickets will be assigned and managed thru the  "2.3.2-XCI RACD" RT queue (a.k.a. "RACD queue") as described in this document. 

Accessing the ticket system

RACD staff should access the ticket systems as follows: 

  1. If you don't have an XSEDE (User Portal) account clink on "CREATE ACCOUNThere
  2. Request ticket system access by e-mailing your XSEDE (User Portal) username. 
  3. Request to be an "2.3.2-XCI RACD" queue member and/or watcher by e-mailing Shava and JP
    • "2.3.2-XCI RACD" watchers receiving e-mails for new or updated RACD tickets 
  4. Go to
  5. Optionally access the XCI RACD Ticket Dashboard for useful RACD ticket information

Routing tickets to RACD and within RACD

To route tickets to RACD: 

  1. Place the ticket in the "2.3.2-XCI RACD" queue 
  2. Add as many of the following tags as are relevant to the ticket: 
    • A technical areas: DataIntegrationResourcesSecurityTesting
    • Relevant software: GlobusGOGSI-SSHMyProxyOAuth
    • Operated services: CVSSVNJIRA, Confluence, Information Services

RACD queue watchers, which includes select RACD staff and management, will be notified when any ticket is placed in the RACD queue. RACD management administer the queue and the members and watchers. 

Referencing the title, tags, or keywords RACD queue watchers should re-assign tickets first based on technical area, otherwise based on component, or as last resort to Shava or JP who will figure out who to assign it to.

If a ticket is stalling and the primary assignee is not responsive, please bring the ticket to the attention of RACD management. 

Routing based on technical area

Technical area primary assignees and associated components / keywords.


  • Primary assignee: Lee Liming <
  • Associated components / keywords: requirements, use cases, capability definitions, capability delivery plans, UREP priorities


  • Primary assignee: JP Navarro <
  • Associated components / keywords: launch reviews, component integration, information services, design or security reviews, packaging, user documentation, administrator documentation, component training,,, engineering tools


Routing based on software

Software assignees and associated components / keywords.


  • Primary assignee: Jim Basney <
  • Associated components / keywords: myproxy, cilogin, psi, Globus auth


  • Primary assignee: Lee Liming <
  • Associated components / keywords: Globus toolkit, Globus Transer, Globus Auth, GCS, Globus Sharing, Globus Operations Console

Information Services

  • Primary assignee: JP Navarro <
  • Associated components / keywords: IPF,, RabbitMQ


  • Primary assignee: JP Navarro <
  • Associated components / keywords: anything that doesn't fit into the above categories

Routing of last resort

This is the assignee of last resort if you can't assign based on technical area or software product/toolkit. 

  • Primary assignee: Shava Smallen <
  • Associated components / keywords: general or unknown technical areas or software product/toolkit
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