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Title: XSEDE doesn’t engage with users enough to identify new capability needs

  • New Community Engagement and Education “CEE” owned use case identification process doesn’t proactively engage users enough to identify their needs and produce new use cases (in XSEDE 1 we took the initiative to engage with user representatives and didn’t wait for tickets to come in requesting new capabilities)

Title: Lack of engaged software partners to fill capability gaps or support components

  • Finding willing and focused partners to fill gaps and deliver new capabilities and to provide maintenance and support for production components.

Title: Insufficient staff and expertise to deliver needed capabilities

Title: Operations deployment backlog delays delivery of production components

Title: Engineering process discourages software partners from contributing capabilities to XSEDE

  • Software partners with fewer/no engineering practices are discouraged from engaging due to XSEDE software engineering practices

  • Solution: better documentation about the benefits and risks to be avoided thru engineering practices

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