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  • WBS 2.3.2 RACD Meetings May 5, 2022 - Activity Updates
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XCI-980 - Getting issue details... STATUS



10 minGeneral UpdatesJP, Shava & Lucille
10 minUse Case and Capability Delivery Plan UpdatesLee, Jim, JP
30 minActivity Status UpdatesShava and everyone

General updates

Meetings and Events

  • PEARC '22 (CFP)
    • Early registration deadline is May 10
  • RACD meetings on May 19, June 2 and 16
  • XSEDE Quarterly Meeting, June 14 and 15, will be remote

Planning, Reporting, and Reviews

  • RY6 Annual Report (folder)
    • For "KPI: Total number of capabilities in production" we have 127 (target was 123)
    • For "Mean time to issue resolution (days)" we had 2.1/days for the year (target was <10)
    • All our metrics were good except component instrumentation
    • Yearly highlights: GCS v5, Usage Visualization and Analysis Service (Grafana), SGCI Resource Description publishing

Staff Updates

  • n/a

Use Case and Capability Delivery Plans

  • New use case: CI-17: View usage data for community resources
    • This use case covers old stuff (XD-MoD) as well as new stuff (XCI-Metrics Grafana).

Integration Assistance Engagements

Key Summary T Assignee P Status Last Comment

Activity Status Updates

See attached PDF.

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