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  • WBS 2.3.2 RACD Meetings May 3, 2018 - Activity Updates
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XCI-368 - Getting issue details... STATUS



10minGeneral UpdatesJP & Shava 
5minUse Case and Capability Delivery Plan UpdatesLee 
30minActivity Status UpdatesShava 

General updates

Planning and Reporting

Development Coordination Council

  • No updates


Risk review

  • We recently completed our quarterly risk review

Collaboration Tracking

  • Please report significant collaboration to JP and Shava – existing collaborations recorded can be seen here (see Domestic and International tabs)

Project Improvement Ideas

  • We should submit project improvements to record here.
  • We can also submit PIF request anytime here.

Periodic Review of XSEDE website and portal content

  • Please report suggested changes to JP and Shava

Use Case and Capability Delivery Plans

(discuss newly proposed use cases; in progress use cases will show up as tasks under Planning below)

New Metadata Use Cases

  • The UREP gave a reasonably high priority to the need for metadata tools & support in XSEDE, and XCI started an evaluation of available metadata tools & services that we might be able to leverage in XSEDE.  In order to properly evaluate the tools, however, we needed more specific use cases. Each of the new use cases is a more detailed version of one of the steps from the original metadata use case that the UREP prioritized.
  • The new use cases are in the Data Management area, specifically DM-05 through DM-10.
  • Recently completed a stakeholder review to ensure that the use cases make sense and are needed. All use cases were judged to be accurate descriptions of things that researchers need to do. Only one received "this is not as important as the others."

We have also had meetings with two other XSEDE initiatives to document the use cases they are aiming to implement.

Activity Status Updates

Delivered and deployed

  • JP Navarro will write CSR news item for SSO hub usage, usage server, IPF usage, etc. by May  

Activity status is now being imported directly thru JIRA – click on attached PDF for status of activities after the meeting.