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  • WBS 2.3.2 RACD Meetings June 14, 2018 - Activity Updates
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XCI-395 - Getting issue details... STATUS



10minGeneral UpdatesJP & Shava 
5minUse Case and Capability Delivery Plan UpdatesLee 
30minActivity Status UpdatesShava 

General updates

Planning and Reporting

Development Coordination Council

  • 2018-06-07 Meeting Summary
    • RACD to facilitate: TFA usability vs security discussion for sensitive updates thru the XUP (XCI-400)
    • RACD to facilitate: Emergency account suspension, active account information
    • RACD to facilitate: Group management capabilities even if implemented by XUP, AAM
    • RACD to facilitate: Manage usage by individuals within an allocation, first by verifying that SPs will support it


Risk review

Queuing up the next set of activities

  • See the "Up Next" section below
    • Current and next PY Planned and Backlog
    • New XSEDE Priority field in "M.N <source/comments>" form
    • Work in progress to be completed over the next ~2 weeks
  • Shava, Lee, Jim, and JP will finalize and share with the team on a future Thursday call

Project Improvement Ideas

  • We should submit project improvements to record here.
  • We can also submit PIF request anytime here.

Use Case and Capability Delivery Plans

No updates.

Activity Status Updates

Delivered and deployed

  • JP Navarro will write CSR news item for SSO hub usage, usage server, IPF usage, etc. by 


Activity status is now being imported directly thru JIRA – click on attached PDF for status of activities after the meeting.