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  • WBS 2.3.2 RACD Meetings July 12, 2018 - Activity Updates
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XCI-406 - Getting issue details... STATUS



10minGeneral UpdatesJP & Shava 
5minUse Case and Capability Delivery Plan UpdatesLee 
30minActivity Status UpdatesShava 

General updates

Planning and Reporting

Queuing up the next set of activities

  • See the "Up Next" section below
    • Current and next PY Planned and Backlog
    • New XSEDE Priority field in "M.N <source/comments>" form
    • Work in progress to be completed over the next ~2 weeks
  • Shava, Lee, Jim, and JP will finalize and share with the team on a future Thursday call

Project Improvement Ideas

  • We should submit project improvements to record here.
  • We can also submit PIF request anytime here.

Don't forget to submit your staff climate survey!

Use Case and Capability Delivery Plans

Queue of CDPs up next

  • Recently published updated CDP for CAN-06 (authentication, Web SSO)
  • CDPs for SPI-05 and SPI-06 (active account info & emergency account suspension) are under review by user services developers (Maytal, Ester, Dave Hart)
  • CDPs for RC-03 and SPI-07 (formalizing the Community Software Area process among SPs) are under development

New use cases for CSR functions

When we started working on the Community Software Repository (, we wrote three generic use cases because it wasn't clear what would be needed in practice. Now that we've been using the CSR for a while, we need to describe the specific uses we're putting it to.  (We also need to get credit for our work in the XSEDE KPI/metrics system.)

  • 9 new Community Infrastructure (CI) use cases (drafts in progress)
  • 1 new Research Coordination (RC) use case (RC-04)

Activity Status Updates

Delivered and deployed

  • JP Navarro will write CSR news item for SSO hub usage, usage server, IPF usage, etc. by 
    • Draft to be released Monday,  

Pending deployment

Activity status is now being imported directly thru JIRA – click on attached PDF for status of activities after the meeting.

Start Next

Key T Fix Version/s xsede priority Assignee Summary

Action Items

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution