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  • WBS 2.3.2 RACD Meetings August 20, 2020 - Activity Updates
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XCI-760 - Getting issue details... STATUS



10 minGeneral UpdatesJP, Shava & Lucille
10 minUse Case and Capability Delivery Plan UpdatesLee, Jim, JP
30 minActivity Status UpdatesShava and everyone

General updates

Meetings and Events

Planning, Reporting, and Reviews

Staff Updates

  • n/a

Project Improvement Ideas

  • We should submit project improvements to be recorded here.
  • We can also submit PIF request anytime here.

Use Case and Capability Delivery Plans

  • No new CDPs since our last meeting.
  • As part of the COmanage roll-out process, we are reviewing existing use cases related to group management, proposing new user stories & use cases, and updating CDPs for any that will be affected by the first phase of the COmanage roll-out.
  • We are also beginning to discuss user stories related to Open OnDemand (browser-based interface for HPC systems), so there may be some new use cases related to that in the near future.
  • Probably ought to have a break-out session to elicit new user stories at the next Quarterly Meeting?

Activity Status Updates

See attached PDF.

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