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  • WBS 2.3.2 RACD Meetings 2017-04-20 Agenda and Minutes
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  • Share XSEDE program general updates
  • Share requirements analysis and capability delivery planing activities
  • Share capability integration status

Discussion items

~10minGeneral UpdatesJP & Shava 
~10minUse Case and Capability Delivery Plan UpdatesLee 
40minActivity Status UpdatesShava 


General updates

Planning (PY7) and Interim Progress Reports (IPR3)

XCI prepared a PY7 Plan that is currently under internal review and revision. The XAB will review it next week.

RACD PY7 planned activities:

  • XSEDE Identity Management documentation for Science Gateways
  • XSEDE as an InCommon Identity Provider
  • Emergency XSEDE account suspension
  • Expanded use of two factor, including enhanced User Profile security
  • Group Management Capabilities
  • Campus cluster login thru the SSO hub
  • Data analytics documentation and services
    • Includes Globus Publication
  • Community Software Repository enhancements
    • Gateway and Community Software Areas publishing
  • Information Services enhancements
    • RDR, XCDB scope expansion to other metrics, migrate to AWS
  • Instrument component for usage tracking
  • Community engagements: Kepler, UIUC, Globus, and others

RACD PY7 Metrics and Targets (* new metric): 

  • *12 new Use Cases+CDPs for UREP prioritization
  • 7 new capabilities
  • 6 CI engagements
  • 4 of 5 customer satisfaction
  • <30 days to address support requests
  • *4 SP component fixes/enhancements
  • *12 enterprise service fixes/enhancement
  • *4 new components instrumented and tracked for usage 

Most of the new metrics measure important work we already do.

New focus on instrumenting community and XSEDE components.

The combined PY7 Plan and PY6/RY1 Annual Report (including RP3) is due in May.

News and Announcements

Papers for PEARC17:

  • Accepted: The Community Software Repository (CSR) from XSEDE (various)
  • Accepted: Duo on Bridges and the XSEDE SSO Hub (Derek)
  • Rejected: Karnak 2.0 Wait Time Prediction (Jungha, +)

Engineer practices

  • We've started using Agile and Sprint reviews to manage CSR and Information Service work.
  • We may apply it to other areas as appropriate.
  • JP Navarro to schedule an Agile overview and experiences meeting topic maybe late in the Summer (Sep, JP deferred till later)
  • JP Navarro and Shava Smallen to request RACD area improvement ideas at our next call

Use Case and Capability Delivery Plan Updates

  • The summary of user needs for group management features is mostly complete. (A few proposed changes to be resolved still.)
  • Community Infrastructure (CI-*) use case descriptions are being tweaked, but the implementation (Community Software Repository, Information Publishing Framework) is ready for testing as soon as we decide the desriptions are reasonable. We are trying to test by the end of April.
  • SPI-01, 03, 04 testing complete and passed. Fully delivered.
  • New "Guided Resource Discovery" SPI-02 use case from XRAS.
  • Review & approval process for new use cases is being revisited for possible changes. Discussion ongoing between JP, Jim, Shava, and Lee.
  • Reminder: Please forward all ideas/suggestions for new features from all sources

Activity Status Updates

Delivered and deployed

SDIACT-190 Nexus supports separate namespace for XSEDE user identities (Lee Liming)

SDIACT-191 Nexus integration with XSEDE Kerberos and XUP (Lee Liming)

SDIACT-192 Develop XSEDE skins for Nexus OAuth and user registration (Lee Liming)

  • Delivered to XUP on  !

Pending deployment

In Testing

XCI-6 New SP Resource Integration Testing (Shava Smallen)

  • Goal: Run the the new SP and new resource integration process and recommend areas of improvement
  • Working closely with Victor in CRI
  • Will be tested by Christopher S Irving
  • Victor mentioned case where SP wanted to know if they build their own versions of XSEDE components, where they can find the list of required features
    • Lee suggested use cases; capability is there now but not filled in
  • TRR completed on  
  • Frontend is installed; Working on package installs now
    • CA certificate package installed with fetch-crl
    • Posted module template for CUE package
    • Working on Globus packages published few issues already
    • Question about what resource id to use for xdresourceid package – Christopher will submit help ticket
    • Found xdusage package has not been updated to the latest release – fixed and then unfixed – Eric will take a look – Christopher will post other xdusage related comments
    • Working with XCDB team to get resource id – will re-use comet
    • Eric Blau will take a look at the production repo and see why xdusage is missing again

XCI-17 Update GSI-OpenSSH for OpenSSL 1.1  (Venkatesh Yekkirala)


XCI-21 Fix and enhance IPF software publishing (Eric Blau)

  • Derek Simmel and Peter Enstrom are testing
  • Derek able to fix update issues and new certificates – should be done soon
  • Deb has been emailing with JP and Maytal about how to display usage information – need to come to consensus and discuss with SPs and possibly open a new activity
  • Peter finished his testing today and will send his log to Derek for reference

 XCI-30 Provide InCommon Identity Provider for XSEDE Identities (Jim Basney)

  • Ready for TRR on 

In Development

SDIACT-159 Enable subscribing to XSEDE monitoring information from Inca and Nagios (Shava Smallen)

  • Code completed and testing integration with Information services
  • Pending test plan
  • Waiting on deployment of Nagios plugin 
  • Inca publishing data now; test plan next
  • Inca messages have been updated to have a Valid timestamp so can more easily be cleaned from the warehouse

SDIACT-226 Assist software provider to deliver Kepler workflow support on XSEDE (Shweta Purawat)

  • Kepler has been installed on VM; developer working on setting up some Bio apps they need for users.
  • Received VM from IU and working to migrate to Comet
  • Kepler install not too far along so got new copy of the now larger SSO Hub image
  • VM is now being hosted on Comet with DUO and RSA enabled, working on test plan and packages

SDIACT-244 Upgrade and transition JIRA for XSEDE2 (Shava Smallen)

  • JP Navarro got mysql replication working between primary and backup servers
  • Gary has also setup Confluence
  • Added new notification plugin for PM team
  • JIRA 7.3 was recently released
  • Gary is working on service containers to make it easier to backup and restore

XCI-19 Implement Initial XSEDE Community Software Repository (JP Navarro)

  • At
  • In Agile development
  • Delivering Software Information Entry and Activity Views by end of April (IPR3 and RY1)
  • Working on ability to register software capabilities manually for gateways and one software provider
  • Working on public engineering views

XCI-27 Incremental Resource Description Repository (RDR) fixes and enhancements (JP Navarro)

  • Setting up failover server
  • Dave Hart and JP will be contacting the RDR folks to get a better idea of their roadmap for PY7
    • JP Navarro will create new agile activity to manage RabbitMQ

XCI-44 Incremental Pub/Sub (RabbitMQ) fixes, enhancements, and support

XCI-2 Document how Science Gateways can use XSEDE Identity Management (Lee Liming)

In Design

SDIACT-207 Adapt INCA to information services changes (Shava Smallen)

  • Launched on  
  • CentOS 7 migration of SDSC server finished
  • Almost wrapped up with changes – need to document

SDIACT-214 Provide RESTfull interfaces to the XSEDE Information Services Query Warehouse (JP Navarro)

  • JP Navarro addressed DSR feedback
  • Will not need a deployment plan because the service is operational

XCI-7 Review and improve Confluence and JIRA authorization configuration (Warren Raquel)

  • Warren recommended creating a staff and WBS group and a few other admin suggestions
    • Shava Smallen to assess document and possible solutions for identified issues
    • JP Navarro: Start DSR (Deb volunteered to be a reviewer)

XCI-36 Enable L3 resource logins via XSEDE using login allocations (Jim Basney)

  • Started DSR on ; feedback due  

XCI-45 Prepare initial Group management requirements, use cases, and plans (Lee Liming)

  • See use case status above.



In Planning 

XCI-43 XSEDE-UIUC/campus infrastructure information services federation pilot

  • During the Fall of 2016 we exchanged information about our existing capabilities and needs
  • Draft collaboration plan almost ready for management review and approval

New Activities from CDPs: