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  • WBS 2.3.2 RACD Meetings 2016-07-28 Agenda and Minutes
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  • Brief requirements analysis update
  • Review the status of activities in progress

Discussion items

5minRequirements AnalysisJP, Lee 
50minActivity StatusJP (Shava) 

Requirements Analysis

  • We've completed two UREP high-priority PY1 CDPs
  • We need to select the subset of UREP prioritized use case CDPs to complete in PY1
  • We need to prepare selected CPDs (other than the two completed ones)
  • We need to start working on gaps detailed in the CDPs
  • Lee will lead internal requirements analysis, preparing CDPs, and assisting anyone preparing Use Cases
  • JP will lead internal interactions with the UREP to set priorities, and with collaborators bringing Use Cases or components to XSEDE 

Activity updates

In Testing

SDIACT-124 Streamline software deployment with improved packaging (JP Navarro)

SDIACT-174 Implement Genesis II WS-STS interface to Nexus identities and groups (Andrew Grimshaw)

  • TRR paused waiting on resolution of auto-consent issue
  • Testing by Galen Arnold 
  • Issue reported and waiting for response
    • [grid] xsedeLogin

      Replacing client tool identity with MyProxy credentials for "CN=Galen Arnold, O=National Center for Supercomputing Applications, C=US".

      Access denied on 16174132-90D7-149B-81EF-C54678BAFF6B (in method requestSecurityToken2).

          Permission denied on "16174132-90D7-149B-81EF-C54678BAFF6B" (in method "requestSecurityToken2").

SDIACT-202 Incremental GSI-OpenSSH fixes and enhancements (Venkatesh Yekkirala)

  • All testing completed except for more thorough HPN testing
  • Testing by Peter Enstrom

SDIACT-234 Enhance Resource Prediction Service showing where jobs would run first (JP Navarro)

SDIACT-239 Update to support OAuth 2.0 (Venkatesh Yekkirala)

SDIACT-243 Gather initial XSEDE 1 component usage metrics and estimate improvement effort (JP Navarro)

  • Development started  
  • Google spreadsheet of information due early February, usage analysis due early March
  • Victor is coordinating SP usage collection
  • Gary will coordinate central service collection
  • We need log parsing scripts for each component
  • JP/Shava also need to prepare SD&I effort estimate for each component
  • ACTION (JP): Circulate annual report usage information as the preliminary TRR (DONE)
  • ACTION (JP/Shava): Compile effort estimate information (DONE)
  • Deliverables provided, pending final feedback before we close

In Development

SDIACT-10 Production EMS and GFFS operations testing (Shava Smallen)

  • Unicore Inca tests deployed but need some cleanup
  • Inca GFFS tests in progress
  • Pending small change to Inca client; deferred to July

SDIACT-159 Enable subscribing to XSEDE monitoring information from Inca and Nagios (Shava Smallen)

  • Code completed and testing integration with Information services
  • Pending test plan

SDIACT-177 Deliver Shared Virtual Compute Facility using Global Queues for Campus Bridging (Andrew Grimshaw)

  • Steps to get this wrapped up 
    • One more resource at IU will be added
    • User documentation needs to be written
    • Handpicked users will test and we will use those to write up the test report
    • 3 UVA group will be helping to test
  • All facilities deployed and planning demos at SC
  • Test report completed
  • ACTION (JP): Follow up with Andrew Grimshaw (DONE  )

SDIACT-203 Update to support OAuth 2.0 (Venkatesh Yekkirala

  • Started Development on  
  • Integrated testing plan ready, working on Deployment script and plan.

SDIACT-226 Assist software provider to deliver Kepler workflow support on XSEDE (Shweta Purawat.)

  • May want to switch host to comet for more memory -- IU has a max of 32 GB now

SDIACT-237 Provide OSG a dedicated CILogon CA instance via REST web interface (Jim Basney)

SDIACT-244 Upgrade and transition JIRA for XSEDE2 (Shava Smallen)

  • Started Development on 
  • JIRA transitioning to new dedicated server
  • OpenID plugin is now working with Globus identity test server
  • JP got mysql replication working between primary and backup servers
  • Gary has also setup Confluence

SDIACT-187 Incremental gateway_submit_attributes fixes and enhancements (JP Navarro)

SDIACT-216 Improve XDCDB security and read/update access with a new RESTfull API (Amy M. Schuele)

  • Michael, Amy, and Scott actively designing and developing
  • ACTION (JP/Scott): Do preliminary design review so Scott can move on with changes in gateway_submit_attributes
  • Started Development on  

SDIACT-190 Nexus supports separate namespace for XSEDE user identities (Lee Liming)

SDIACT-191 Nexus integration with XSEDE Kerberos and XUP (Lee Liming)

SDIACT-192 Develop XSEDE skins for Nexus OAuth and user registration (Lee Liming)

  • ADR and DSR of XSEDE Identity Management Capabilities
  • Both 2-legged and 3-legged authentication services available
  • ACTION (Lee): Provide examples of how to deal with authentication that is separate from the token server, requested by Jim B
  • Lee and Maytal are tracking issues in JIRA SDIBUG project
  • AUP still being reviewed (Victor coordinating)
  • Noteworthy issues: 
    • Consent issues
  • Join ADR, DSR passed on  

In Design

SDIACT-207 Adapt INCA to information services changes (Shava Smallen)

  • Launched on  
  • Almost wrapped up with changes

SDIACT-214 Provide RESTfull interfaces to the XSEDE Information Services Query Warehouse (JP Navarro)

  • Launched on  

SDIACT-217 Retire central MDS services (JP Navarro)

  • Launched on  
  • Looking at new summary status views

SDIACT-212 Improved (phase 2) Resource Description Information Management (Edward Hanna)

  • In requirements gathering and dev/ops delivery as of  

In Planning

XCI-TBD New SP Resource Integration Testing (Shava Smallen)

  • Goal: Run the the new SP and new resource integration process and recommend areas of improvement
  • Working closely with Victor in CRI
  • Will be tested by Christopher Irving

XCI-TBD OpenStack Keystone XSEDE Identity Federation (JP Navarro)

  • Goal: Enable users to authenticate once and then use any authorized combination of XSEDE Federated OpenStack service
  • Initiated by IU and PSC, with possible SDSC and NCSA (L3 SP) involvement

Action items

  • JP Navarro: Meeting minutes 
  • JP Navarro: Share XCI/RACD Metrics and KPIs in a future meeting