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  • WBS 2.3.2 Globus Toolkit Succession Planning 2017-07-21 Meeting
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  1. Community Coordination Events
  2. Impacted XSEDE Group Meetings
  3. Impact Analysis and Use Case Documents

Draft Impact Analysis

Discussion and Action Items

Community Coordination Events

  • These events could have a stronger Federated Interoperability use case focus
  • We agreed to replace the RDA BoF with an online meeting which will likely result in more participation
  • Proposed online meeting date is Tuesday  at 9am Central (to accomodate west coast, Europe)
  • Participating infrastructures would present their impact, plans, and status
  • Lee Liming will Google draft the initial meeting announcement to be sent by the week of 
    • Announcement content: planned date and time, invite infrastructures to present, invite forwarding to interested parties
    • Send to both the list of collaborators and to XSEDE news
  • Jim Basney to compile the e-mail list of collaborators in a Google document that is only viewable by Lee, Jim, JP
  • We will send a final meeting announcement late in August listing all the presenting infrastructures
  • Discussed other BoFs at SC a perhaps early in 2018

Impacted XSEDE Group Meetings

  • JP Navarro to schedule a joint meeting with Campus Bridging and Champions
  • JP Navarro to schedule a meeting with Science Gateways
  • JP Navarro record possible meeting with Ops/CEE-XUP/XRAS in JIRA
  • JP Navarro to schedule a meeting with SPF and/or SP Admins
  • Lee Liming to draft a general XSEDE user communication describing what is not impacted, and inviting users that may be using GT client tools locally to contact us
  • In these meetings we will present two documents:
    • Lee Liming will prepare an audience-specific summary of impacted use cases with a brief description of each use case
    • Lee Liming will prepare a very brief, more complete list of all impacted use cases, organized to not make it overwhelming
    • We'll invite participants to review these and tell us what we missed.
  • We will send out the general XSEDE user communication after we've schedule the more specific meetings

Impact Analysis and Use Case Documents

  • For now, the impact analysis document is a place to organize information.
  • We are documenting affected components and use cases
  • We'll figure out what documents we need to communicate externally later.
  • We agreed to add a section "B. Impacted Use Cases" that summarizes the use cases that are impacted by this change.
    • Lee Liming will draft the Impacted Use Cases section
  • Reminder of the overall schedule (not discussed in this meeting)
    • Thru the end of 2017: complete impact analysis and identify all relevant use cases; start testing if possible
    • First half of 2018: deliver all replacement components
    • Last half of 2018: replace/retire all impacted components