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  • WBS 2.3.2 CSR Redesign 2018-10-23 Meeting
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Agenda, Discussion, and Action Items

Background Material

Agenda and Notes

  1. CSR Vision, Plan
    1. The transition from an XSEDE Service to a Community Service provided/powered by XSEDE is good
    2. Rich and others liked the vision statement
  2. Target Communities (slide 4)
    1. Need to better identify the targeted communities/stakeholders so that those individuals recognize themselves as targets
      1. users -> researchers, CI providers -> data providers, resource provider
    2. List the community in both providers and consumers categories
  3. Target Information (slide 5)
    1. instead of "Targeted Information" have "Targeted Features" that describe what software related abilities the targeted communities can do
      1. Like "Plan & Review", "Rate & Discuss"
      2. Emphasize both software and software based services
    2. Need better verbs or actions that explain what is enabled, such as sharing and discovery
  4. Web site name, style, and organization
    1. We need a better name, because repository is inaccurate
      1. Community Software Registry or Portal — would not indicate to users they should go there — something like enabling research with software, software-enabled research, coordination center, portal, research software portal
      2. Discussed and agreed not to include the word education in the title
      3. Agreed to propose a rename to "Research Software Portal"
      4. Keep the name simple and accurate, and elaborate on communities, life-cycle, tools in the rest of the main page
    2. Everyone really liked the visual style
    3. Everyone liked the navigation with a main page and targeted sub-pages for each item in the main page
    4. Sub-pages with some summary of real content is a good idea, that then point to level 3 "ability specific pages" with the actual content
  5. Longer term plans
    1. Have separate slide for current plans and longer term plans/ideas
      1. Include software usage tracking, containers, etc in the longer term plans slide
    2. Our challenge will be to expand the capabilities beyond XSEDE
    3. We are not funded to target the broader community, but can design the framework to support the broader community
      1. We would need PIF funds or a separate award to really reach out to other community and more fully support them
    4. Involve other non-XSEDE entities in review the vision and plan to identify that we are meeting their needs too
      1. We can propose to the SMT to take the vision, plan, and design to the UAC

Action Items

  • JP Navarro and Kate Kaya will update the slides and development site to reflect today's discussion for the SMT presentation later this week