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Site Visits

SIU Carbondale - Chet Langin -
  Primarily admin and researcher education; some deeper SLURM config, help support Condo model.
  Visit planned for Oct week of 8-12th; currently getting in touch with new Director of Computing & new faculty.

OpenStack Consults


Remote Consultation

Clarkson -
  Help with hardware acquisition; possibly build phase - need to suggest
  As of Jan 21st, 2020 - remote consultation w/ Scott Lopez

Discussion Phase

Oregon State University
  They are interested, but not in a position to move on anything. We'll be touted as a resource when their new hires come in.
  Contact again late in the year.
  Paul Montagne - is the current contact - should contact again in Feb 2020.

Leads (Contacted or Pre-Contact)

Chicago State University - Anil Mehta - contacted; haven't heard back.

University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) - Urban Wiggins - contacted, haven't heard back. Linda Akli will be visiting.
  See if we can plan a meeting while she's there.

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