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Use Requirements Evaluation and Prioritization 

XSEDE gets requests from many communities for tools, services or capabilities that would make research easier for their stakeholders. Periodically, members of XSEDE's Requirements and Capability Delivery (RACD) group prepare Use Cases, which describe the requested tool or service, and Capability Delivery Plans (CDP), which outline the proposed method to implement the tool or service, along with an estimate of the work required.  

The Use Requirements Evaluation and Prioritization (UREP) working group helps to prioritize which of these requests will be implemented. UREP members review the Use Cases and CDPs and to rate them for their usefulness to the community, taking into account the amount of effort that will be needed to complete them.

UREP is composed of members from various XSEDE stakeholder categories: Campus Champions, the SP Forum, the User Advisory Committee and XSEDE staff.


We gathered some commonly asked questions (and the answers) in the UREP FAQ.  Note this link will take you to the XSEDE website.


UREP Members

Campus Champions

Marisa BrazilPurdue University
Dana BrunsonOklahoma State University
Dhruva ChakravortyTexas A&M
Aaron CulichUniversity of California Berkeley
Erin Hodgess University of Houston, Downtown
Doug JenneweinUniversity of South Dakota
Chester LanginSouthern Illinois University
Xinlian LiuHood College
BJ Lougee

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Center for the Advancement of Data and Research in Economics (CADRE)

Julie MaMassachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center
Ben NickellIdaho National Laboratory
Semir SarajlicGeorgia Tech
Dan VossUniversity of Kansas

SP Forum

Dan Stanzione


User Advisory Committee

Rommie Amaro


Richard Braatz


Emre H Brookes

UT San Antonio

Manuela Campanelli


Thomas Cheatham

University of Utah

Diego Donzis

Texas A&M

Mark A Jack

Florida A&M

Balint Joo

Jefferson Labs

Mark Alan Miller


Benoit Roux

University of Chicago

Deirdre Shoemaker

Georgia Tech

Xuguang Wang

Oklahoma University

Kraig Winters


Frank Wuerthwein



Dana Brunson

Oklahoma State University

Chris Hempel


Sergiu Sanielevici


Robert Sinkovits


Richard Knepper


Victor Hazlewood

University of Tennessee

Jim Marsteller


Dave Hart


Lorna Rivera

Georgia Tech



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