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New staff typically have many questions pertaining to their roles and responsibilities, as well as what opportunities might exist for growth and making new contributions. Below are some of the issues which may be of interest to you in this regard. 

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Who is funded to work on XSEDE?

There is currently no comprehensive public list of XSEDE staff. You can learn more about the XSEDE Organization or contact your immediate Supervisor to get a better idea who works on XSEDE.


Who is not funded but still helps?

XSEDE is grateful for programs like the Campus Champions and the SP Forum for their willingness to volunteer their time to advance the XSEDE mission and vision. 


Are there job descriptions anywhere?

Your job description is most likely determined by two things, 1) the state in which your home institution is located, and 2) the description specifically tailored for you by your Supervisor. You should be able to find information regarding your job description on your home institution's web site. Most institutions have a web portal specifically for faculty and staff that includes lots of useful information about you, your job, and your work environment. 


How does one get promoted?

The process of promotion and salary increases varies among XSEDE institutions. To learn more about that process, we recommend you speak directly to your immediate Supervisor. Most if not all XSEDE institutions support some sort of cost of living allowance (COLA). Check with your Supervisor or human resources department to learn more. 


Who do I complain to if there are problems?

Your first step is to bring this to the attention of your immediate Supervisor. If you are having a problem with your Supervisor, you should contact the human resources department at your institution. 

What if my boss doesn’t respond? Or care?

If your Supervisor does not respond in a timely and appropriate manner, you should contact the human resources department at your institution. 


Are there performance reviews?

XSEDE does not have formal performance evaluation process in place. Your immediate Supervisor at your local institution should be required to do a performance review annually. Many supervisors choose to contact the XSEDE L2 or L3 manager to request feedback on an employee's performance as part of their local institution performance review. This is strongly encouraged so your performance on the XSEDE team can be considered as part of your overall evaluation. Contact your Supervisor or the human resources department at your home institution for more information.  


Is there an XSEDE Staff 'Code of Conduct'?

Yes. XSEDE has expectations regarding employees’ behavior towards their colleagues, supervisors and overall organization.  Although we promote freedom of expression and open communication practices, all employees are still obliged to conduct themselves in a professional manner. It is also important for XSEDE to provide a well-organized, respectful and collaborative environment. 

Please visit the XSEDE Code of Conduct page for more detailed info.

The XSEDE Staff Code of Conduct should be included in all events.  A template slide is provided on the wiki, in the “Single Slide Repository”.

The XSEDE Confluence site also contains a list of links to the Code of Conduct pages for the XSEDE Partner Institutions. 

Learn more ...


How do I find new opportunities to grow and contribute?

Most if not all XSEDE partnering institutions offer some sort of professional development training. We recommend you contact your immediate Supervisor to learn about any opportunities for professional development opportunities. 

The XSEDE portal also hosts a Jobs Listing. 


How do I host an official XSEDE online conference call or webinar?

To host a meeting, please send an email request to Leslie Froesch ( Be sure to include the title of the meeting (i.e., Biweekly project managers’ meeting), day, time (with time zone), recurrence (i.e., once a week, biweekly, 3rd Thursday of the month, etc.), and which individuals (names & email addresses) and/or email lists (i.e., should receive the invitation. 

If you would like to change/drop a meeting, please send an email request to Leslie Froesch ( with the current title and day/time so Leslie can locate the existing occurrence and make the requested change or cancellation.
As for email lists, people can simply email Leslie with whatever request you might have:
  • subscribe or unsubscribe anyone from an existing list (please send name and email address)
  • create a new list (please send preferred list name, reason for list, names and email addresses for everyone you want subscribed)
  • delete an existing list that is no longer in use (please send the list name)
  • any other email list requests!



When you have time, please respond to the New Staff Guide Feedback Survey so your views as an XSEDE staff member can be included in this guide to make it the best it can be.

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