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XSEDE Cybersecurity

XSEDE cybersecurity must support the confidentiality, availability and integrity of these resources by: following best practices, employing risk-based approaches, fostering teamwork throughout the XSEDE team, and integration of new proven cybersecurity technologies, procedures and approaches. The following sections document the XSEDE Cybersecurity Program Plan (CSPP), a comprehensive cybersecurity program for this distributed cyberinfrastructure. Rising to the top of this list are a number of strategies that include:

  1. Support for a strong authentication and authorization service that limits access to only legitimate XSEDE users,
  2. Coordination of the XSEDE cybersecurity staff among contributing XD and campus Service Providers to develop policies, design secure architectures and review risks,
  3. Coordinated incident response and intelligence sharing across Service Providers, trusted partners and other federations,
  4. A strong XSEDE cybersecurity education program, and
  5. Proactive cybersecurity through careful risk/threat analysis, design and architecture of XSEDE at every level. 


Download the complete XSEDE Cybersecurity Plan.





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