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Quarterly Objectives


Workplan Updates

Kudos Received

Additional Questions for Consideration

  • Is this project ready to highlight in a symposium talk?
  • Is there any advanced topic documentation I need to prepare?
  • If the PI was satisfied, have I asked for a quote regarding the value of the collaboration?
  • Would others benefit from a tutorial (asynchronous or other) on the techniques I used in this project?
  • Should I present about this work at a domain conference (paper, poster)?
  • Is the work worthy of a paper, either in collaboration with the PI or individually?
  • Are there new user requirements that have resulted from this work? Would a change in XSEDE’s offerings make this project much easier? If so, feed info UREP
  • Is it a good time for Nancy and Ralph to check in with the PI?

If more than one expert is assigned to a project, the lead expert should gather input and prepare a single report

 Helpful Tip: Highlight any changes to the schedule in the report so the information can be updated in the workplan and JIRA.  Please indicate if you have already updated both.

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