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(most recent meeting first)

Meeting:  February 7, 2019 @ 1PM PDT

Minutes to be added; meeting agenda is below

  1. Operations/SP Coordination update (Victor Hazelwood)
  2. Current NSF solicitations (Track2 and mid-range CI) & discussion of impact, timing vis-a-vis current services (Dan Stanzione)
  3. Reminder: Provide input NOW to NSF regarding the XSEDE follow-on ( )
  4. Roundtable - anything you want to share with or ask your fellow SP Forum members? (All)
  5. Next meeting: February 21, 2019:   Among other topics, Dana Brunson will talk about her new role as Internet2's Executive Director for Research Engagement

Meeting: January 24, 2019

Attendees:  Mary Thomas, Ruth Marinshaw, Jon Anderson, Thomas Doak, Shawn Strande, John Towns, Dan Stanzione, Jaime, ....

* John Towns, XSEDE Program news:  little to update us on, shared information regarding the (minimal) impact of the government shutdown on XSEDE operations thus far.  There is a Forum email thread on this topic.  If the shutdown extends for months, the situation may change.


* Shawn Strande : As immediate past SP Forum chair, Shawn had offered to collect and then summarize  SP Forum input to the NSF as the agency considers what the XSEDE follow-on might look like. Ruth will share the Google Doc input link with the Forum again after today's call.   He'll collect input until mid-February.  Among the possible questions Forum members might consider providing input on:

- what are the key XSEDE program elements offered today that should continue?

 - what, if anything, should be changed/improved in the allocation process?
- what value does XSEDE bring you today?
All meeting participants committed to providing input to Shawn either via the shared Google doc or in direct emails to him.

"Open Mic": 
 - Brainstorming around future agenda topics of interest
- Review of the purpose of the XAB and SP Forum representatives' roles on that
New members:
New SP Forum members Delaware and John Hopkins shared background on their programs and their perspectives on the value of the forum to them and their institutions
 - what is the value of the forum to them?

Next meeting: 
Thursday, February 7, 2019, 1 pm Pacific

Meeting: January 10, 2019

Attendees: Andrew Keen (Michigan State); Ruth Marinshaw (Stanford); 

  1. XSEDE update (John Towns)
    1. Notice of service availability during government shutdown
  2. SP Forum leadership nominations
    1. Chair: Ruth Marinshaw (Stanford)
    2. Vice Chair: Mary Thomas (SDSC)
    3. L2: Thomas Doak (Indiana U/NCGAS). In tandem IU is submitting a request to move NCGAS from L3 to L2 SP
    4. L3: ** None tendered **
    5. XAB Representatives: David Hancock (Indiana U), Jonathon Anderson (CU Boulder) 
  3. Dana Brunson
    1. new position at i2
    2. research engagement role
  4. Providing input to NSF on the XSEDE follow-on
    2. Or send info to Shawn Strande
    3. Shawn will try to synthesize group comments and present to the forum if there are competing viewpoints
  5. Next meeting: January 24, 2019

Meeting: December 13, 2018

  1. XSEDE update (John Towns)
  2. Operations/SP Coordination update (Victor)
    1. updates / changes pending for rdr
  3. SP Forum leadership nominations
    1. Hoping to have nominations in place before 2019
  4. Providing input to NSF on the XSEDE follow-on.
    1. Shawn will create a google doc to accept comments from forum
  5. Discussion of proposed changes to Requesting Membership in the XSEDE Federation document.
    1. Changes include redefining L2 SPs, as well as other minor updates.
    2. Update PEARC requirement to be participation in an XSEDE event at PEARC
  6. Around the table
  7. Next meeting: January 10, 2019

Meeting: November 29, 2018

Attendees: Jonathon Anderson (CU Boulder); John Towns (NCSA); Shawn Strande (SDSC); Robin Scibek (PSC); Andrew Keen (Michigan State); Bob Stock (PSC); Carol Song (Purdue); Chet Langin (SIU); Dana Brunson; Daniel Andresen; David Hancock; Doug Jennewein; Mike Showerman (NCSA); Nancy Wilkins-Diehr; Ruth Marinshaw; Steve Brandt (LSU); Timothy Middelkoop; Tom Doak; Victor Hazlewood (UTK) 

  1. XSEDE update (John Towns)
    1. Submitted most recent interim project report, accepted by NSF
    2. NSF calls
      1. Cloud access
      2. "track 2" solicitation
      3. Many others
    3. Plans to provide a webpage to support with proposals to use XSEDE resources
      1. Available in a few weeks
      2. Opportunity to request additional resources to be added to the list specified on the website
    4. Plans for follow-up to XSEDE-2
  2. Operations/SP Coordination update (Victor)
    1. Looking at RDR
    2. Cleaning up
  3. SP Forum nominations for 2019 (Shawn)
  4. XSEDE and XRAC Quarterly meetings
  5. SC '18: impressions, useful and cool things you learned
    1. IO500 list for network performance
    2. PEARC event
  6. Around the table
    1. Problems between OpenOnDemand and latest SLURM versions, requiring OOD patch

Meeting: November 1, 2018

  1. No XSEDE update (John Towns not available)
  2. Operations/SP Coordination update (Victor)
  3. Dan Stanzione from the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) will give a presentation on the Frontera Leadership Class Computing Facility.
  4. Dana Brunson from the Oklahoma State University will give an update on the Campus Champions program
  5. Reminder: SP Forum meeting for Nov 14 is cancelled due to SC'18.
  6. Time to start thinking about elections of new officers for 2019
  7. Program and operations updates as people are available.

Meeting: October 18 2018

Attendees: Peter Uthuppuru (IU); David Hancock (IU); Charles McClary (IU); Steve Simms (IU); Jonathon Anderson (CU Boulder); Glenn Lockwood (IU); Robin Scibek (PSC); Shawn Strande (SDSC); Bob Stock (PSC); Carol Song (Purdue); Chet Langin (SIU); Dana Brunson (OSU); Daniel Andresen (KSU); David Hancock (IU); Jeremy Fischer (IU); Mike Showerman (NCSA); Nancy Wilkins-Diehr (SDSC/SGCI); Ronald Hawkins (SPSC); Ruth Marinshaw (Stanford); Stefan Thiell (Stanford); Steve Simms (IU); Tom Doak (NCGAS); Stewart Howard (IU)

  1. Featured speaker: Glenn Lockwood from NERSC's Advanced Technology Group will give a presentation Planning for the Future of Data, Storage, and I/O at NERSC
    1. Discussed options for XSEDE community to access NERSC systems; desire expressed to participate more through PERC
    2. Discussion about performance benefits of object store over POSIX FS for HPC scratch 
    3. Discussion about viability / longevity of pure ssd in HPC scratch
  2. XSEDE updates (John Towns, no new updates)
  3. Operations/SP Coordination update (Victor, not available)
  4. Update on revisions to Requesting Membership in the XSEDE Federation to accommodate changes to the L1 definition and associated requirements for integration.
  5. Slurm bug and interest in helping get it resolved (Jonathon)
  6. Reminder for folks to add their SC'18 activities to the shared doc. The XSEDE Communications team is interested in this as well.
  7. Program and operations updates as people are available.

Meeting: October 4 2018

Attendees: Daniel Andresen (KSU); Henry Neeman (OU); Shawn Strande (SDSC); Victor Hazlewood (UTK); Mike Showerman (NCSA);  Doug Jennewein (USD); Jeremy Fischer (IU); Bob Stock (PSC); Chet Langin (SIU); Andrew Keen (Michigan State); Robin Scibek (PSC); Steve Brandt (LSU); Nancy Wilkins-Diehr (SDSC/SGCI); John Towns (NCSA); 

  1. XSEDE update: Nothing noteworthy to report. (John)
  2. Operations/SP Coordination update: Victor reminded folks that he is working with sysadmins and PIs (or their delegates) on the annual update the SP Forum checklist (Victor)
  3. Followup on SMT feedback on refining L1s as a Service Provider that is in whole or part allocable via XRAC. This topic consumed most of the meeting. There was general agreement (or at least no disagreement) about redefining L1s SPs this way. Shawn will provide a first draft edit of "Requesting the Membership int he XSEDE Federation" (, which is the governing document for this.
  4. Reminder for folks to add their SC'18 activities to this shared doc: The XSEDE Communications team is interested in this as well.

Meeting: September 20 2018

Attendees: Jonathon Anderson (CU Boulder); Henry Neeman (OU); Shawn Strande (SDSC); Victor Hazlewood (UTK); Dan Stanzione (TACC); Mike Showerman (NCSA); Daniel Andresen (KSU); Doug Jennewein (USD); Emre Brookes (UT); Jeremy Fischer (IU); John Towns (NCSA); Preston Smith (Purdue); Robin Scibek (PSC); Tom Doak (NCGAS)

  1. Overview of the recent U of Oklahoma OURRstore award (Henry Neeman)
    1. Grant funds initial infrastructure
    2. Institution funds power/cooling and extended warranties
    3. Researchers fund incremental media costs and shipping
    4. Incremental cost of tape is lowest of any storage medium
  2. Discussion on Federated Logon (Jonathon Anderson)
    1. Maybe eduroam would be a good example?
    2. TACC always distributes passwd files from ldap to distribute load
    3. Recommended continued offline investigation
  3. Discussion and move towards a vote to update the SP Forum charter to redefine SP Levels
    1. per an earlier proposal such that any Service Provider which is in whole or part allocable via XRAC will is an L1.
    2. This would mean changes to Stanford XSTREAM, OSG, and SuperMIC.
    3. In concert with this change, there would be some changes to the requirements for integration with XSEDE based on the experience of Stanford, et al.
    4. Concerns raised that these SPs aren't prepared with operational budget / staff to meet expectations for L1 (particularly for MRI systems)
    5. Concerns expressed about fractured user experience for allocated systems between L1 and L2 resources
  4. We take up the promotion of NCGAS from and L3 to and L2 since by definition, NCGAS makes resources available to XSEDE.
    1. Shawn will review bylaws for process or move to vote
    2. alternative may be to decom the L3 and apply as a new L2
  5. Small-scale, rapid access node hosting options a science gateway (Emre Brookes)
    1. UoI might be able to support this (John Towns)
    2. Tacc may be able to support this (Dan Stanzione)

Meeting: September 6, 2018

Attendees: Jonathon Anderson; John-Paul Navarro; Ruth Marinshaw; Sawn Strande; Tom Doak; unknown call-in participant; Mike Showerman (NCSA); Andrew R Keen; Bob Stock; Chet Langin, SIU; Dana Brunson; David Hancock; Jeremy Fischer; Nancy Wilkins-Diehr; Robin Scibek; sbrandt; Timothy Middelkoop

  1. XSEDE Update (John Towns)
  2. Operations Update (Victor Hazlewood)
  3. Draft recommendations for SP Forum members about using RDR and IPF (JP Navarro)
    2. "SP will provide and maintain digital service/resource info in XSEDE Information Services"
    3. RDR, resource description repository
      1. manual entry for static information
      2. all L1-3 SP
    4. IPF, information publishing framework
      1. automatic publication for dynamic
      2. all L1-2 allocated SP
    5. New recommendation for which specific information:
      1. modules - future required for all
      2. services - future required for all
      3. batch config and state - future required for all
      4. batch job events - future required for L1-L2, optional for L3
    6. concerns expressed about batch system and job event requirements
  4. SP Forum member review and Charter discussion (Shawn Strande)
    2. SC '18 XSEDE PR and SP Forum member awareness (Shawn)
    3. Resource selector data is out-of-date (needs to be updated)
    4. SP definition alternatives presented

Meeting: August 9, 2018

Attendees: Jonathon Anderson; Ron Payne; Shawn Sprande; Tom Doak; Andrew Keen; Bob Stock; Carol Song; ChrisH; Dan Stanzione /TACC; Dana Brunson; David Hancock; Doug Jennewein; Mike Showerman (NSCS); sbrandt; Suranga; Victor; Furlani; rideleon

  1. XSEDE Update (John Towns)
  2. Operations Update
  3. Tom Furlani ColdFront presentation (presentation link)
  4. SP Forum membership and charter discussion (charter link)

Topic 1

Tom Furlani will give an overview of ColdFront. Here’s a brief description of ColdFront and the types of functions it provides. (presentation is available from the agenda link above if you like to review in advance): 

ColdFront is an open source resource allocation management tool for HPC centers that allows the management of Center resources and User allocations (or subscriptions). Functionality:

  • HPC Center Staff: Approve allocations based on PI provided information; Collect external funding and publication data; Generate reports on research, publications and grant funding
  • System Administration Staff Managing faculty group accounts and access to resources
  • Principal Investigators: Ability to easily add and delete users; Ability to easily report research, publication and grant data

Topic 2

The application of BioBurst as an L3 spurred some discussion in the XSEDE Senior Management Team about the pros/cons of an L3 being a resource vs. an organization. I’ll provide some background on the call, and hopefully John will be able to join as well since he has a lot of the SP Forum history. If you have some time, I’d suggest taking a read of the SP Forum Charter (Section E in particular), which is also linked at the agenda URL above. Noteworthy from that section: It is expected that most Level 3 SPs are organizations rather than tied to specific systems, and hence less likely to become ineligible as a Level 3 SP.

  1. ColdFront - Furlani - An open-source HPC center allocation management and reporting system from University at Buffalo (need to get slides to share)
    1. Full release September 2018
    2. Only supports Slurm today, but other schedulers should be possible by developing new plugins
    3. xdmod integration
    4. no AMIE integration / compatibility
  2. XSEDE update
  3. Membership issues in the SP Forum

Meeting: July 25, 2018 (in person lunch meeting at PEARC '187)

(Meeting notes courtesy of Victor Hazlewood)

Attendees: Shawn Strande, SDSC; Victor Hazlewood, UT; Timothy Middelkoop, Missouri; Carol Song, Purdue; Thomas Houser, U Colorado; Chet Langin, SIU; David Hancock, IU; Jeremy Fisher, IU; Nathan Gregg, West Virginia; Andy Cain, MSU; Steve Brandt, LSU; David Swanson, Nebraska; Doug Jenwein, South Dakota; Dan Stanzione, TACC; Henry Neeman, OU


Discussion of UColorado, Boulder use of XSEDE services to solve their non-CSU non-UColorado users and their integration into RMACC-Summit regional compute resource.

Nathan Gregg asked about Export Control

Carol brought up a NSF funded CICI project that involved some sensitive information processing.There was a workshop at PEARC on that topic

  • NSF Cybersecurity summit workshop is going to have a presentation on compliance
  • Discussion of a best practices set of docs

Shawn brought up CASC thread on campus compute and storage policies

  • Been some discussion on computing resources and storage policies
  • Email from Ralph Roskies which compiled responses from 22 universities
  • Dan, Henry, and Thomas gave their perspective on the allocation of university resources
  • Henry mentioned the Sustainable Computing workshops (Lifka lead author on paper) Website at
  • It was mentioned CASC is mgmt. (high level), SP Forum is similar and Campus Champions are operational with some overlap at each 

Another call for the XSEDE Operations Data Transfer Services are looking for volunteers for a pilot project to improve science data flows. The announcement is repeated below:

The XSEDE Data Transfer Services (DTS) group is exploring the possibility of offering ECSS-like services to level 2 & 3 SP sites.  The idea would be to conduct a hands-on, limited-time engagement with a site to provide design and/or implementation assistance for projects critical to XSEDE users’ science workflows.  Some examples might include: 

  • Network optimization and troubleshooting
  • Parallel file system design and deployment
  • Data transfer node configuration and optimization

To assess the feasibility of offering such a service, the DTS group is looking for one or two volunteers to participate in a pilot project.  During the pilot project, DTS would work with the selected site to identify the scope of the project and allocate appropriate XSEDE staff resources.  Once the pilot project is completed, a short review would be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the project.

Anyone interested in participating should send an email to Rick Mohr <> (and CC Tim Boerner <> and Tabitha Samuel <>) with a subject line that includes the string “XSEDE DTS Pilot Project”.  The following information should be included:

  • Name of your organization
  • Name of project contact (who will help coordinate activities between XSEDE and the organization)
  • Name of technical contact (who will help with technical work on the project, if different from project contact)
  • Short description of the type of help the organization would like to receive from XSEDE

Applications should be submitted by June 30, 2018.  Sites will be selected and notified by July 15, 2018.

Meeting: July 12, 2018

Attendees: 20 (names not captured)

  1. Call for agenda items and logistics at PEARC SP Forum F2F meeting (Shawn)
    1. Face-to-Face meeting will be on Wednesday, July 25 from 12-1 in the Brigade room.
    2. Discussion of compute and storage allocations at different sites (continuing CASC email discussion)
  2. XSEDE communications campaign wrap up. See draft document here: Resources and Documents.
    1. Existing collection of comments presented and approved for delivery
  3. Operations update; Information Publishing Framework 1.4 and SP call to action (Victor Hazlewood, UTK)
    1. Available to use
    2. Going to send invitation to L3
    3. and website
  4. XCRI update (Rich Knepper, Cornell)
    1. XCRI helps sites move to or stand up OpenHPC-based deployments
    2. Should be marketed via LCI
  5. Tentative Future agenda items:
    1. 8/9: Tom Furlani, XDMoD and/or FreeRAS

Meeting: June 28, 2018

Attendees: Dana Brunson; Tom Doak; Kristin Williamson; Victor; Bob Stock; Steve Duensing; Rob at PSC; Ken Chiacchia; Robin Scibek; Dave Hart; David Hancock; Mike Showerman; Alex (Dave entourage); Dan Andresen; Tim Middelkoop


  1. XSEDE update (John Towns)
    1. XSEDE communications campaign concept discussion (Kristin Williamson, UIUC)
    2. Send feedback about the Communications campaign to Dana or Shawn.
    3. Slides that outline the concept are here:
    4. Nov 1 target date
      1. "Really looking forward to a well-made 'What is XSEDE'"
      2. "really likes 'Discovered with XSEDE'"
      3. "ER looked and thought it was well-planned"
  2. RDR Resource Selector (Dave Hart, NCAR)
    1. SP controls what it says.
    2. If pointing to un-allocated resources they may want to include a spot that explains who is eligible to use them.  See docs.
    3. Dave will send out link to docs again. 
    4. It will end up working with orcid. 
    5. Everybody needs to update their entries and add logo (200x200)
    6. if an SP Forum representative can't access the RDR to edit their resources, please contact Victor and he'll get that updated.
    7. If in doubt contact Victor
    8. The beta Resource Selector is "live" at
    9. The RDR is at
    10. And here is the Google Doc I've started with instructions on how to update the fields in the RDR that the Resource Selector is currently displaying.
  3. Operations update, Information Publishing Framework (Victor Hazlewood, UTK)
  4. Tentative Future agenda items:
  5. TBD: XDMoD overview + study of NSF innovation systems (Tom Furlani, U of Buffalo)

Meeting: June 14, 2018

Attendees: Jonathon Anderson (CU Boulder); Shawn Strande (SDSC); Ruth Marinshaw (Stanford); Andrew Keen (Michigan State University); Bob Stock (PSC); Chet Langin (SIU); Dan Stanzione (TACC); Dana Brunson (Oklahome State University); David Swanson (University of Nebraska); Henry Neeman (University of Oklahoma); John Towns (NCSA); JP Navarro (Argonne National Lab); Robin Scibek (PSC); Sergiu Sanielevici (PSC); Thomas Doak (Indiana University); Thomas Hauser (CU Boulder); Victor Hazlewood (UTK); Frank Wuerthwein, UCSD; Rick Mohr, (UTK)

  1. XSEDE update (John Towns)
    1. Debrief on NSF review
      1. The review went "extremely" well
      2. Panel pleased with our progress
      3. More detailed report with recommendations to be received next week; our response to follow
  2. Introducing Chet Langin from Southern Illinois University (SIU)
    1. Carbondale, IL, active with campus champions for 2.5 years
    2. 40 node cluster, ~800 haswell cpu, 2 himem nodes, 1 gpu node
    3. about 30 user departments on campus, including physics, engineering, cs, biology
  3. Open Science Grid - the next phase  (Frank Wuerthwein, UCSD)
    1. See slide presentation, OSG-SPForum(14June18).pdf
    2. Q: What would be the first thing to do to contribute? A: Send an email to and become a hosted CE.
  4. Providing ECSS-like consulting for L2 and L3's for Data Transfer Services (Rick Mohr, UTK).
    1. Opportunity to work closely with people familiar with XSEDE services
    2. Looking for interested pilot sites with thoughts on what kinds of consulting they could benefit from
    3. Network and data services group has combined within XSEDE, trying to extend service and support from L1 to L2 and L3
    4. Questions about tracking network performance and utilization data; might be a topic for a future call or offline work
  5. Novel and Innovative Projects support for Machine Learning projects (Sergiu Sanielevici, PSC)
    1. FOS Scope of NIP
    2. Want to make sure we form a community of practice with similar projects that might come to the attention of L2 and L3 SP
    3. Call to action for SPs: if you come across projects relevant to NIP, contact
  6. Operations update, Information Publishing Framework (Victor Hazlewood, UTK)
    1. Changes to resource description repository
    2. Almost all SPs added to RDR
    3. Push for PY8 is to get all sites publishing at least one item (e.g., their cluster)
  7. Tentative future agenda items:
    1. TBD: XDMoD overview + study of NSF innovation systems (Tom Furlani, U of Buffalo)
    2. RDR Resource Selector (Dave Hart, NCAR)
    3. XSEDE communications campaign concept discussion (Kristin Williamson, UIUC)

Meeting: May 17, 2018

Attendees: Jonathon Anderson (CU Boulder); Dan Stanzione (TACC); John Towns (NCSA); Shawn Strande (SDSC); Andrew R Keen (Michigan State U); Bob Stock (PSC); Chris Hempel (TACC); Carol Song (Purdue); Dana Brunson (Oklahoma State U); Daniel Andresen (?); Doug Jennewein (U South Dakota); Jeremy Fischer (IU); Nancy Wilkins-Diehr (SDSC); Robin Scibek (PSC); Suranga Edirisnghe (Georgia State U); Thomas Doak (Indiana U); Timothy Middelkoop (University of Missouri)

  1. 1 XSEDE update (John Towns)
    1. working on completing and submitting annual NSF report; good progress, thanks to those who provided input
    2. quarterly meeting will be focused on reviewing content that will be presented from the report
  2. Membership update
    1. University of Missouri, Research Computing Support Services (Timothy Middelkoop, Ph.D.; Director of Research Computing Support Services, Division of IT; Assistant Teaching Professor, Industrial Engineering (IMSE))
    2. Southern Illinois University, Office of Information Technology (Chet Langin, PhD; Research Coordinator, Office of Information Technology)
    3. UCSD BioBurst: Application sent back for further clarification
  3. XSEDE Quarterly is June 6-7
    1. Opportunity for a slot to present. Let Shawn Strande know and he’ll work with Ron Payne to get a slot.
  4. Victor OOO, and reports that there is no operations update.
  5. Straw poll on SPF meeting frequency (Monthly: 4; Every 2 weeks: 2; Every 2-weeks and cancel as needed: 6)
    1. Will go with every two weeks and cancel as needed.
    2. With no objection from attendees, the May 31 meeting is cancelled due to ~10 of the regular attendees being unavailable due to a conflicting workshop.
  6. PEARC'18 SPF F2F meeting
    1. 13 SPF members confirmed so far
    2. please let Shawn know if you’re attending asap, so he can reserve a room for the meeting
  7. Perspectives on the rise of for-fee models of support for previously free software (e.g. Globus, Singularity, HDF5, etc). Would be interested in hearing what SP Forum perspectives are, how they're approaching, if there's anything we can/should do as a group to engage with these vendors.
    • How/are licenses negotiated for use by individual XSEDE sites, as opposed to just XSEDE central services? Can XSEDE negotiate license fees on behalf of the group for access by the individual sites? Maybe sites could join an existing XSEDE license without having to pay for multiple site licenses? How does this play into NSF priorities for “sustainability” in service funding? XSEDE serving as a single-point on licenses could be beneficial in reflecting site priorities to service upstream service providers (e.g., Globus).
    • What are other examples of software or services in use at sites that might inform how this could be addressed? Example of Matlab license changes in terms of physical presence vs system access
  8. Tentative Future agenda items:
    1. June 14: NIP/ECSS and machine learning (Sergui Sanielevici, PSC)
    2. June 28: XDMoD overview + study of NSF innovation systems (Tom Furlani, U of Buffalo)
      • might need a volunteer to run the meeting on this day
  9. Two-factor solution on Stampede, looking at a startup “Evo” that has an open platform with commercial support. Looking for a few volunteer beta sites. Contact Dan Stanzione with interest
  10. Introductions from Timothy Middelkoop (new member). HPC center.  Rebuilt infrastructure over last 4 years
  11. PEARC will be opening nominations for new steering committee members
    1. 4-5 seats available. Nominations open in June, announcement forthcoming. Committee directs PEARC conference
  12. New alternate contact for PSC, Robin Scibek

Meeting: May 3, 2018

  1. John Towns - XSEDE update
    1. Developing annual report and program plan.
    2. Still waiting for some information from SP forum (Update: This has been provided)
      1. Closure on PY8 forward-looking presentations
      2. SP-forum statement of activities
  2. Welcome the new SP Forum Vice Chair, Jonathon Anderson, CU Boulder
    2. Tech. Team Lead for Research Computing
    3. L3 and regional resource RMACC Summit, partnership between CU Boulder, and CSU
  3. Debrief on L2/L3 past/present Chair discussion
    1. Update mailing lists
  4. Program Year 8 Plan Review by SP Forum: Reminder to send your written summaries to Shawn (Completed)
    1.  Participation:
    2. If you have notes, please send them in (To Shawn Strande by email if nothing else)
  5. SP Forum meeting logistics
    1. Building the agenda
      1. L2 and L3 chairs should feel free to contribute agenda items
      2.  campus champion representative? / formal agenda item from campus champions
      3. Meeting frequency
        • suggestions to go to 1/month
        • improve distribution of minutes to alleviate problems missing less-fequent meetings
        • might put out an informal poll
  6. SP Coordination update - Victor Hazlewood
    1. Read / be aware of note from JP regarding Globus TK succession plan
    3. Statistics for SSO hub and Duo use
    4. Access to SSO hub for campus resources available
  7.  Discussion about the SP Forum Charter. There are a multiple versions out there. The one linked to the main SP Forum page ( is an older version than this one:
    1. A question raised: the older version notes that Campus Champions are L3's by default. There's no such mention in the later version. The later version also has no details on what constitutes each level of an SP. Where is this information now located?
  8. Blue Waters webinar take-aways - Dan Stanzione
    2. Monthly/quarterly outreach event
    3. 30 people live on the call
    4. Slides coming
  9. Informational
    1. Cleanup of SP Forum e-mail list
    2. L3 Member application in review
  10. Upcoming events
      1. PEARC18,, Pittsburgh, July 22-26, 2018
      2.  Gateways call for participation extended to May 16:

Meeting: April 5, 2018

  1. John Towns - XSEDE news
  2. SPF administration
  3. Program Year 8 Plan Review by SP Forum (Shawn collecting written feedback from participants)
    1. Participation:

  4. XRAC Reviewers Guide Draft (Complete)
    1. Discussion with Dave Hart
      1. By April 5 (~2 weeks),
      2. "how well (the reviewers guide) accurately reflects current policies, procedures and practices."
    2. ongoing discussion topic of review practices
    3. Provide feedback to Shawn before our next meeting on April 5
  5. Project Improvement Fund (PIF) Review due March 29 (Complete)
    1. PY8-01: ER Market Analysis -
    2. PY8-02: Update Applications of Parallel Computing online course -
    3. PY8-03: ORCID Membership Fee -
  6. SP Coordination update - Victor
  7. Blue Waters webinar (Complete: details here: and here:  )
    1. Dan to handle
    2. Schedule?
  8. UREP Prioritization (Complete)
    1. Draft response - please comment by Monday, 4/9/'18
  9. IU Knowledge Base discussion - final call for comments; please submit by next meeting
  10. SP Forum web presence - ongoing
  11. Upcoming events
    1. XSEDE Advisory Board (XAB) Meeting (Complete)
      1. April 17-18 / Chicago
      2. XAB 2018 April Face-to-Face Meeting
    2. First workshop on Machine Learning for Computing Systems (MLCS) (Paper deadline has passed)
      2. Call for Participation open; papers due April 9
      3. Co­located with ACM HPDC 2018
      4. June 12, 2018 in Tempe, AZ
    3. PEARC18
      2. Pittsburgh, July 22-26, 2018

Meeting: March 22, 2018

  1. John Towns - XSEDE news
    1. updates from March quarterly?
  2. Program Year 8 Plan Review by SP Forum
    1. Sign up to participate at:

  3. XRAC Reviewers Guide Draft
    1. Discussion with Dave Hart
      1. By April 5 (~2 weeks),
      2. "how well (the reviewers guide) accurately reflects current policies, procedures and practices."
    2. ongoing discussion topic of review practices
    3. Section G.1. Review Criteria/Efficient Use of Resources
    4. Provide feedback to Shawn before our next meeting on April 5
  4. Project Improvement Fund (PIF) Review due March 29
    1. PY8-01: ER Market Analysis -
    2. PY8-02: Update Applications of Parallel Computing online course -
    3. PY8-03: ORCID Membership Fee -
  5. SP Coordination update - Victor
  6. Blue Waters webinar
    2. Request by Maxim Belkin for SPF talk
    3. Wednesdays in April?
  7. IU Knowledge Base discussion - on hold
  8. UREP Prioritization - on hold
  9. SP Forum web presence - ongoing
  10. Upcoming events
    1. XSEDE Advisory Board (XAB) Meeting
      1. April 17-18 / Chicago
      2. XAB 2018 April Face-to-Face Meeting 
    2. First workshop on Machine Learning for Computing Systems (MLCS)
      2. Call for Participation open; papers due April 9
      3. Co­located with ACM HPDC 2018
      4. June 12, 2018 in Tempe, AZ
    3. PEARC18
      2. Pittsburgh, July 22-26, 2018


J Ray (PSC), Carol Song (Purdue), Dana Brunson (Oklahoma State U), Thomas Doaks (Indiana U), Doug Jennewein (U South Dakota), Nancy Wilkins-Diehr (SDSC), Mike Showerman (NCSA), Stefan Thiell (Stanford), Andrew Keen (Michigan State U), Bob Stock (PSC), Chris Hempel (TACC), Dan Stanzione (TACC), Steve Brandt (LSU), Suranga Edirisnghe (Georgia State U), Jonathon Anderson (CU Boulder), John Towns (NCSA)

Topic 1: XSEDE News (John Towns)

Meeting in Tampa a couple weeks back, primary focus was PY8 planning, with presentation from L2 Directors - asking specifically for deltas: what's new, what's discontinued, or what's significantly changed. Discussed the ORCID. John stressed the importance of the the SPF to XSEDE planning and encouraged participation in the PY8 review (next item:

Topic 2: PY8 Review

Reviewed the PY8 review spreadsheet (link above) and got commitments from SP members to review the sections. Karla Gendler sent out Doodle polls to each team of section reviewers for meetings in the coming days.

Topic 3: XRAC Reviewers Guide

Dave Hart is anxious to get the current document reviewed within the scope of current practices. Need feedback within 2 weeks. Please send comments to Shawn who will roll these into a single doc and get them  off to Dave by April 5.  Will also come to a follow-up call to discuss changes to the current process that are out of scope of the document.

Topic 4: Project Improvement Fund

Review due March 29. Please review at least 1 of them, get input back to J Ray and /or the SPF group e-mail. Committee will review, with SPF casting one of the votes.

Topic 5: SP coordinate update. No discussion

Topic 6:  Blue Waters webinar.

Dan Stanzione offered to give the talk on behalf of SPF.

Topic 7, 8, 9: Nothing to report.

Topic 10: See above.

Meeting: March 8, 2018

  1. John Towns - XSEDE news
    1. updates from quarterly
  2. IU Knowledge Base discussion
  3. XRAC Reviewers Guide draft
    1. ongoing discussion topic of review practices
    2. Section G.1. Review Criteria/Efficient Use of Resources
  4. Blue Waters webinar
    2. Request by Maxim Belkin for SPF talk
    3. Wednesdays in April?
  5. UREP Prioritization
    1. Top Priority: SPI-05: Active account information
    2. An XSEDE staff member needs to obtain a list of all resources and services on which a specific XSEDE user identity has an active account.
  7. SP Coordination update - Victor
  8. SP Forum web presence
    1. Membership lists - plural; this page, below vs
  9. Upcoming events
    1. First workshop on Machine Learning for Computing Systems (MLCS)
      2. Call for Participation open; papers due April 9
      3. Co­located with ACM HPDC 2018
      4. June 12, 2018 in Tempe, AZ
    2. PEARC18
      2. Pittsburgh, July 22-26, 2018



Steve Brandt (LSU), Dana Brunson (Oklahoma State University), Thomas Doaks (IU), Jeremy Fischer (IU), Chris Hempel (TACC), Ruth Marinshaw (Stanford), , Victor Hazlewood, Ron Payne (NCSA), J Ray Scott (PSC), Mike Showerman (NCSA), Carol Song (Purdue) Bob Stock (PSC), Dan Stanzione (TACC), Shawn Strande (SDSC)

Topic 1: Updates from Quarterly & XSEDE News. John Towns (not present)

Updates from Dana, Victor, et al who were there. Victor: several suggestions that are being addressed. E.g., regarding system monitoring. Dana: look at connecting points between SPF and Campus Champions. Opportunities for better awareness of what each are doing and how to leverage work of each.

Topic 2: IU Knowledge Base discussion. Craig Stewart (not present)

Should KB be updated to reflect SPs (especially L2 and L3) via PIF, or should sites go their own way? Jeremy: There is a handful of general usage questions (e.g., getting supplement) that don’t belong to one SP for which generally available document would be useful. Ruth: Based on limited experience from Stanford POV, would have been easier to maintain local doc and link to main XSEDE website. Carol: Does XSEDE have general Q&A page for this sort of info? Bob Stock: SPs ought to own their content, but cross-site would be useful. Ruth: What about a researcher that wants to run a particular application, like Abaqus? Victor: Software Information provides info on each site. There is a software search (link??) Dana: What would the benefit for L2s and L3s? Could be a benefit to Campus Champions, but not clear where it’s of general benefit. Action: J Ray will draft SPF position paper and get back to Craig asap to close this out.

Topic 3: XRAC Reviewers Guide draft

Draft available at link above. Suggestion that SP Forum be involved in reviewing . Dave Hart and Ken Hackworth driving the process. J Ray: Are we as SPs providing the information we should to reviewers? E.g., Section G.1 Efficient Use of Resources. Dan: Issue with efficiency at times in conflict with users, particularly as we look at non-traditional/new users. Jeremy: Often reviewers become arbiters of what’s appropriate for the resource. Much of it comes down to ensuring that reviewers judge on merit of information in proposal. Bob Stock: Is “effective” or “appropriate” a better word than “efficient”? Dan: should we have a meeting with allocated resources for alternate possible models for allocation, say in line with standard NSF review. Action: Formalize feedback in document and setup follow-on meeting to dig down.

Topic 4: Blue Waters webinar

Maxim Belkin communication to J Ray asking about SP Forum presentation. Action: Mike Showerman will reach out to J Ray to give suggestions on what sorts of things to cover.

Topic 5: UREP Prioritization

Table for future meeting but need to work on it prior to next meeting. Action: Review and provide input prior to next meeting for J Ray. 

Topic 6: XSEDE AUP

In force now. If there are any comments, get in touch with J Ray. Action: Retire this agenda item.

Topic 7: SP Coordination update – Victor

No updates since last meeting.

Topic 8: SP Forum web presence

Membership lists - plural; this page, below vs

Preference to update Confluence site and link it to the XSEDE site. Victor says the XSEDE sites comes out of RDR and he’s prefer not to remove it since he just put it in place. No specific action at this time.

Topic 9: Upcoming events

See Agenda for details.

Meeting: February 22, 2018


  1. John Towns - XSEDE news
  2. IU Knowledge Base update
  3. UREP Prioritization
  5. Meltdown/Spectre presentation - Trevor Cooper/SDSC
  6. SP Coordination update - Victor
  7. SP Forum web presence
  8. Upcoming events
    1. XSEDE Quarterly Meeting - March 5-7
    2. UCAR SEA: April 2-6, 2018
      More information on the Resources and Documents page

Attendees: Stefan Thiell (Stanford), Trevor Cooper (SDSC), J Ray Scott (PSC), Dana Brunson (Oklahoma State University), Craig Stewart (IU), Doug Jennewein (University of South Dakota), Carol Song (Purdue) Mike Showerman (NCSA), Chris Hempel (TACC), David Swanson (University of Nebraska), Andrew Keen (Michigan State University), Nancy Wilkins-Diehr (Science Gateways), Steve Brandt (LSU), Dan Stanzione (TACC), Victor Hazlewood (NICS)


Topic 1: XSEDE update/John Towns. Postponed.

Topic 2: IU Knowledge Base update/Craig Stewart.

Circulated document (link); SP members add, then reviewed by IU. Particularly beneficial for L2 and L3s. REST interface can be customized to support search for any site. Forum feedback? If Forum supports, there is a reasonable chance of funding. Carol: Has XSEDE site been evaluated to see how many people have used it? Do most users go straight to the user guides? Craig: only have # of hits, no other info. Continue as active discussion. Will ask for feedback in time for next meeting.

Topic 3: UREP Prioritization. Postponed. Will revisit and provide feedback to Shava/XSEDE.

Topic 4: XSEDE AUP(Acceptable Use Policy) approved at last SMT meeting.  Here:

Topic 5: Meltdown/Spectre presentation - Trevor Cooper/SDSC

Presentation available here

Topic 6:  SP Coordination update – Victor Hazlewood

Victor reports good progress moving through SP checklist, two sites left to do, see for details.

Topic 7: SP Forum web presence

General discussion about plans, Jay reminded members to provide input on layout, content, etc.

Topic 8: Upcoming events

Meeting: February 8, 2018


Chris Hempel (TACC), J. Ray Scott (PSC), Bob Stock (PSC), Craig Stewart (IU), Nathan Greg (West Virginia U.), Shawn Strande (SDSC), Jeremy Fischer(IU), Greg Peterson (NICS), Nancy Wilkins-Diehr (SDSC), Dana Brunson (Oklahoma State University), Doug Jennewein (University of South Dakota), Thomas Doak (IU), Carol Song (Purdue), Victor Hazlewood (NICS)


Topic 1: Proposed "PIF" for updating the IU Knowledge Base. Craig Stewart: 

Summary from Craig: Would like SP Forum input on apply for Project Improvement Funds (PIF) from XSEDE. The IU Knowledge based sStarted in 1996 and evolved since then –  structure is Q&A. Funding covered content generation (no software, etc.) Since then, KB technology has been changing. Recently the team has added funcionality to allow anyone to add content, which is then curated by KB staff, before becoming publicly available. Would like to see XSEDE funds, model would be for SP’s to enter content, then have an XSEDE staff person curate. Thinking 20 hours/week, reporting to Craig, initially funded by a PIF. Timeline: unless we have a plan to update content by July, then we reach a point of diminishing return and better to discontinue. Question about whether or not there’s been any evaluation of the impact in reducing helpdesk tickets. Nancy: sees value in questions like, “what XSEDE systems supports reservations”, i.e., questions you would have to visit each SP site to get an answer to. Bob Stock: "When can the info there now get updated, regardless of PIF funding. Action: Craig will discuss further with various SP Forum members and start a Google doc that summarizes the opportunity and come back at a future SP Forum meeting for presentation

Topic 2: John Towns update on XAB meeting: XAB 2018 February Call; and SPF Membership

John’s written update: 

“XAB met yesterday (2/7).  The topic of discussion was debrief on the Jan 11-12 review.  The review was very positive and we are processing the panel report and preparing our responses now.  It was received last week on Wednesday.  The XAB provided a lot of guidance on review process, how we present various topics, and how to handle some difficulties we experienced in process.

There are elements of the review that will be feeding into our planning process for the next project year that are relevant for SPs.  We will be coming back to you over the next month or so to discuss these.  I know this is not much detail, but more to come.

Regarding memberships:  I know Dana exchanged some email with a potential new L3 SP, but I don't believe the request for membership has come in as yet.”

Topic 3: Discussion of the UREP (see:

J. Ray: Would like to give a summary SP Forum response to Shava/UREP; 37 members from various areas (gateways, CCs, large users); will discuss in future meeting. Victor clarified that any SP member can submit ideas for use cases into the UREP. SP Forum has a slot in the UREP – J. Ray will pick this up.

Topic 4: Operations updates (Victor Hazlewood)

SP Coordination: Annual checklist review of all SP’s (except Stampede2, which has been done). Cycling through SP’s and collecting information, process is going well. On under SP Forum see:

Topic 5: SP Forum wiki and portal pages updates

Moving to Confluence. Please review and provide any input on structure, content, etc.  J. Ray and Shawn have licenses for editing, so unless you have an interest in adding content, we might be able to get an extra license or two.

Topics for future meeting:

  • Meltdown/Spectre
  • Dave Hart updating the Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Blue Waters Outreach webinar about SP Forum. J. Ray has responded affirmatively, probably for the March webinar. Would be good to have L2 and L3 representation.

Meeting: Jan 25, 2018


J. Ray Scott (PSC), Dana Brunson (Oklahoma State University), Carol Song (Purdue), Shawn Strande (SDSC), Jeremy Fischer (Indiana University) Ruth Marinshaw (Stanford), Greg Peterson (NICS), Bob Stock (PSC), Mike Showerman (NCSA), Dave Hancock (Indiana University), Nathan Gregg (West Virginia University), Chris Hempel (TACC), Dan Stanzione (TACC), John Towns (NCSA), Gary Miksik (Indiana University), Andrew Keen (Michigan State University)


Topic 1: XSEDE Review (John Towns' observation)

  • Briefed the SP Forum on the mid-year review. Sense is the program is in good shape, though won’t have details until the panel report is issued. Will be a full annual review in June.

Topic 2: Meltdown/Spectre

  • Dan Stanzione/TACC: Have done some at-scale testing of kernel patches; have concluded that the BIOS patches are not trustworthy, but kernel patches are ok. Testing 12K MPI tasks on Skylake and KNL – seeing about 1% performance impact on Skylake; about 4% on KNL. Deployed kernel everywhere, but holding off on firmware changes until stability is better.
  • Trevor Cooper/SDSC: Have deployed firmware and kernel to login nodes, which looks good; seeing large impact to I/O migration to virtual front-end hosting nodes and seeing 6-40% on these. No updated firmware from vendors yet.
  • J Ray Scott/PSC: Upgraded Red Hat w/firmware during a planned outage. So far things look okay. Seeing 1% for general MPI codes; one researcher running large memory Trinity job (small I/O) and saw 50% performance hit for one of their runs.
  • Dave Hancock/IU: Have patched most of Jetstream (excluding firmware). Anecdotal feedback that there are hits to I/O performance. Assessment continues.
  • Andrew Keen: Provided this link to Red Hat - useful for verifying whether the mitigations are active and how to disable them at runtime


Topic 3: Ops update

Victor Hazlewood (NICS): Time for annual audit of SP checklist; will reach out to contacts; next Software Call is first Monday of the month.


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