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Canonical Meeting Template (as a reminder):

1. Review of meeting agenda
2. Addressing issues

  • Description/Status of issue
  • Review of action items from previous meetings if any
  • Recommended actions and discussion of same
  • Close issue or identify next action items

3. Status updates from SMT members

  • Status update on significant activities
  • Review of prior open issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)
  • Identification of new issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)


1. Review of Meeting Agenda: Any comments/additions? 

2. XSEDE2 Reporting (Leslie Froeschl


  • Previous discussion archived: SMT Meeting - September 10, 2020
  • (9/24) No update
  • (10/8): IPR13 coming up starting first week of November. L3 text will be due 11/3 and L2 text 11/5. Please try to be on time!
  • (10/22): Reminder about IPR13 (see 10/8 reminder). Risk review went out late yesterday. Please review your risks by 10/31 at the latest. 
  • (11/5): L2 inputs for IPR13 due today!

    • Linda: difficult discussing some KPIs performance since we don't have in-person training. Do our best work in-person with students & faculty. Feel that we're losing touch with the community. 
      • John: Best we can do is just interpret what is going on as best we can. Will add note to summary about impacts of COVID19 on outreach efforts & other in-person efforts. Ok to qualify that we're speculating because we don't have experience in this space. Talk about strategies we're taking: how much we're doing virtual, assessment of virtual events/contacts. 
      • Trying think about strategies & mentioned that in report response. 
      • Kelly: some things have been surprisingly positive (esp student programs), but exhibiting is really difficult. Taking a toll on staff. 
      • Students in current programs were recruited last year. Now we should be recruiting for the rest of the plan year. Getting word of mouth from existing/past participants, but recruiting pipeline is 6-12 mos and we're not filling it. 
      • Some universities have stopped travel through May already.
  • (12/3) IPR13 was submitted on time. Process went very smooth. Thanks to all! 
  • (12/17) Reminder to update your L2 section of the draft transition plan by 1/12/2021


  • Will begin IPR14 process starting 2/1. L3 text due 2/3. L2 text due 2/8
  • Transition plan should be reviewed by all L2 areas by COB today. 


3. Review of project level recommendations (Ron Payne


(1/14) Added to agenda

  • REC-322: Reduce hiring/reassignment timelines: Evaluation team recommendation based on staff climate study results: Revisit staffing processes to determine how hiring and reassignment timelines can be reduced.
  • REC-323: Equity & diversity presentations at XSEDE events: Evaluation team recommendation based on staff climate study results: Consider inviting external Equity and Diversity experts from partner institutions to present at XSEDE events and discuss cultural sensitivity, awareness, and best practices.
  • REC-324: Diverse hiring: Evaluation team recommendation based on staff climate study results: encourage diverse hiring for future positions


  • Reduce hiring timelines:
    • Need a tracking mechanism when there is a vacancy so these don't get lost. What are open positions & regularly check in on progress. 
    • Coordination has been done at the sites without pulling in potential resources from other sites. 
    • Not clear how L3 mgr can close loop to make sure vacant positions/time gets filled by institutions. 
    • PM&R will discuss options for tracking and report back.
    • Have a summary of open roles, how long open on the wiki. 
  • Equity & diversity presentations (Linda):
    • Not a proponent of having people do presentations. Evidence-based processes that we should draw from. 
    • ACTION: Linda, Lizanne would like meeting with John.
    • Step 1: Suggesting half-day leadership retreat on inclusive leadership skills (L2s & above). Need outside facilitation for this. 
    • Step 2: Instead of presentations thrown at people, use study circles. Discussion process that results in more transformation. This is where you develop something that creates the right climate. 
      • Linda sends short TED talks to CEE folks & then talk about them. Create playlist of TED talks as part of regular team calls at L3 level. Take 5-10 mins to talk about topics, hear views & reactions. Not sure it would work equally across all L3 areas. Need to think about how to facilitate. Needs to be authentic  & allow people to say what they really think. 
  • Diverse hiring
    • People in XSEDE can make recommendations about how to attract a diverse pool, which avenues to advertise in, etc. XSEDE could put together guidelines for diverse hiring. 
    • Hit/miss–if people ask for help Linda/BP sends it. Happy to take direct questions from people, but not everyone in project knows who to ask. 
    • Virtualizing Tapia conference didn't work out. BP advertises jobs at conferences/events where a diverse audience is in attendance. Trying to make concerted effort towards this at these conferences. These orgs also run job fairs. 
    • Could put info on wiki, though not everyone goes there for info of this nature. Linda/BP to pull together info and a direct communication can be sent to all subaward PIs to raise awareness. 
    • Universities have local diversity/equity arm that people should be tapping. 
    • Ask sites to provide policies/info on their hiring process. 
    • Working with interns is the best way to get new people into the field. This is a long term commitment. 


  • REC-322: PM&R will discuss options for tracking and report back.
  • REC-323: Linda Akli Lizanne DeStefano John Towns to have a call to discuss and present a plan that includes a leadership component followed by discussion-driven work with staff.
  • REC-324: Linda Akli /BP to pull together recommendations/suggestions for partner sites that can be sent out to subaward institutions and posted to the wiki where it's readily available. 

4. Consideration of Ruby Mendenhall as XAB member (Leslie Froeschl  ) 


(1/14) Added to agenda. Ruby submitted statement of interest in serving as XAB member (was forwarded by email to leadership team).


  • Would be great addition to XAB. Does she have the time to do this given other demands? Haven't asked this question of others. 


  • Approval of Ruby as a new XAB member. John to send email welcoming her.

Around the call up

Follow this basic outline:

  • Status update on significant activities
  • Review of prior open issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)
  • Identification of new issues if any (and not addressed earlier in agenda)
  • Identification of recent improvements implemented

Updates from SMT members:

  • PI (John/Ron) - 
    • Research Gate–tracking citations. John got notification that XSEDE publication has reached 1500 citations. Impressive as that is good, but know there are more publications supported by XSEDE that haven't cited it. How to reinforce message about citation. Image on cover of Science of researcher doing work supported by XSEDE. Acknowledged XSEDE but didn't cite us. 
  • Tim
  • CEE (Kelly) - 
    •  ACM kicked off words matter subcommittee under DEI committee. 1st list they shared is far less extensive than XSEDE list. One word was self-thought. 
  • ECSS (Bob S/Phil/Sergiu) -
    • No update
  • XCI (Dave L/Rich) -  

    • Yet to receive user docs from OSN
  • Ops (Greg/Victor) -   
    • Business as usual
  • RAS (Dave H/Ken/Nathan) -  

    • Working with Tabitha to get OSN in places it needs to be. 
    • Deadline is tomorrow for next XRAC meeting.  
  • Program Office (Ron/Leslie) - 
  • SP Forum (Ruth) -  

    • No update
  • UAC (Emre) -   
    • No update 
  • NSF (Bob C) - 

Next Meeting:     SMT - January 28, 2021

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