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Feedback on the latest roadmap draft:

Based on content:


  • Over all, we really like it!!
  • Please test different browsers, the connecting line doesn’t look the same for all
  • Remove Expert, three levels are enough
  • Change “Slides” to “Slide deck”, change “Video” to “Video presentation”
  • The type designation in the boxes, instead of showing the letter a few spaces after the title, could the letter be right-justified?
  • The type designation in the boxes, if we have something that has two types, would we be able to show two letters?  I know there are no examples of this in the sample input.
  • We’re assuming the final page will include the title of the roadmap and a link back to the main roadmap page, could that be added?
  • Could the table here be used as the main roadmap page?  Given some topics would change a bit.
  • When used on a touch screen e.g. tablet, the hover functionality works differently than with a mouse.
  • DM>> Instead of graying out the ones not chosen I've raised font-weight of the ones which are chosen.
    This is fine, but it’s subtle, could it be a bit more visible?
  • When you look at the content input (google spreadsheet link above), one of the columns is “Resources”, i.e. is it applicable to just Comet, or all XSEDE compute resources.  Is there a way to incorporate this information?
  • Also on the content input sheet, note lines 29 & 30; will this cause problems later, that this roadmap didn’t include a “branch” but others may?
  • How will roadmaps be updated?  Will I give you an updated spreadsheet?  People already want to make updates to the choices we made on this sample.
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