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Reporting Schedule

ReportReporting PeriodReport Due
IPR1RY1 RP2: Sep '16 – Oct '1611/17/16

IPR2 - updated

(IPR2 - original)

RY1 RP3: Nov '16 – Jan '172/17/17
RY1 Annual w/PY7 PlanRY1 RP4: Feb '17 - Apr '175/12/17
RY1 Annual: Sep '16 - Apr '17
PY7 Plan: Sep '17 - Aug '18
IPR3RY2 RP1: May '17 – Jul '178/17/17
IPR4RY2 RP2: Aug '17 – Oct '1711/15/17
IPR5RY2 RP3: Nov '17 – Jan '182/15/18
RY2 Annual w/PY8 PlanRY2 RP4: Feb '18 – Apr '185/15/18
RY2 Annual: May '17 – Apr '18
PY8 Plan : Sep '18 - Aug '19
IPR6RY3 RP1: May '18 – Jul '188/15/18
IPR7RY3 RP2: Aug '18 – Oct '1811/15/18
IPR8RY3 RP3: Nov '18 – Jan '192/15/19
RY3 Annual w/PY9 PlanRY3 RP4: Feb '19 – Apr '195/15/19
RY3 Annual: May '18 - Apr '19
PY9 Plan: Sep '19- Aug '20
IPR9RY4 RP1: May '19 – Jul '198/15/19
IPR10RY4 RP2: Aug '19 – Oct '1911/15/19
IPR11RY4 RP3: Nov '19 – Jan '202/18/20
RY4 Annual w/PY10 PlanRY4 RP4: Feb '20 – Apr '205/15/20
RY4 Annual: May '19 - Apr '20
PY10 Plan: Sep '20- Aug '21
IPR12RY5 RP1: May '20 – Jul '208/18/20
IPR13RY5 RP2: Aug '20 – Oct '2011/18/20
IPR14RY5 RP3: Nov '20 – Jan '212/17/21
RY5 AnnualRY5 RP4: Feb '21 – Apr '21;5/15/21
RY5 Annual: May '20 - Apr '21
Final ReportRY5 Carryover: May '21 – Aug '2111/30/21
Final: Sep '16 - Aug '21


Reporting Year vs Program Year

  • XSEDE Project: Sept 2016 - August 2021

  • Program Year: Sept - August

  • Report Year: May - April

    • RY1RP1: does not exist

    • RY1RP2: two months

    • RY5 Carryover: 4 months (or we create RY6…)



Reporting Responsibility Matrix

Reporting Process Directions

The template identifies the sections that require reporting period updates. They are designated by a comment, indicating that an update is required and what should be addressed in the updated text. 

  • In addition to supplying the values for the Area Metrics tables, please provide a succinct response to these questions in your narrative following the table: (1) Are you meeting your metrics? (2) If not, why not? and (3) What are your plans to fix the issue?  The rule of thumb to answering these questions and to providing additional detail regarding the metrics is, “if I were the NSF or review panel, what questions would I ask?”
  • For a quarterly metric that has been met, and for consistency purposes, please simply write “This target was met.”
  • Area Highlights: L2 Directors are being asked to write a short, cohesive narrative of the successes of their area. To facilitate this, the L3 managers are being asked to provide a short, 1-2 paragraph summary in the L2 “Area Highlights”.
  • Reporting period v. quarter: Now that we have transitioned our reports to Interim Project Reports, we need to align our language accordingly. As such, please refer to the period as “reporting period” as opposed “quarter” in text.

Perspective & Consistency:

  • The report should be consistent in writing style and level of detail. 
  • The report should written in first person where possible. 
  • Section contents should be written in an essay type format (not sub-headings by L3 or metrics).
  • All figures should have figure captions with labels and be directly referenced from the text.
    • For example: 
      • A figure should be captioned as Figure [X] with a brief description.
      • In the actual text, refer to the figure as Figure [X]. Do not direct the reader to a position on the page when referencing figure (i.e., see figure at the right).
  • Reporting period v. quarter: Now that we have transitioned our reports to Interim Project Reports, we need to align our language accordingly. As such, please refer to the period as “reporting period” as opposed to “quarter” in the text.
  • All computational system names should be italiziced (e.g., Bridges, Stampede).
  • Use only one (1) space after a period.
  • For metrics in both main body of report and appendix, simply include the value sans qualifier.
    • For example:
      • If a metric is 45 days, simply write 45. 
      • If a metric is 99%, simply write 99.

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