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  • Date


    • Ken Hackworth

    • Dave Hart

    • Sonia Nayak
    • Amy Schuele


    • Telecon Schedules (Amy and Ken): A3M and APP have bi-weekly meetings established. Amy will be setting up monthly meetings for AAM and SP groups.
    • Mailing Lists (Amy and Ken): Amy and Ken are working on updating existing lists and creating new ones.

    Discussion items

    • Dave will be deciding what from the Policy Review needs to be brought over from the old wiki to the new wiki.
    • Expectations for Project Manager support from Sonia: For now, keep managers in the loop on deadlines, reporting cycles, etc.; expectations will evolve and grow as the project progresses.
    • RAS Retreat Goals and Agenda:
        • Dave to work on agenda (welcomes ideas for brainstorming topics)
        • Define a clear set of projects that the RAS team is/ should be working on
        • JIRA training (AGILE)
        • participation via Skype for those who cannot attend


      • N/A

      Action items

    • SONIA: get a call number for these meetings

    • SONIA: inquire about flexibility for RAS wiki page

    • SONIA: find out if the project management team has any suggestions for a RAS group calendar