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  • Alina Banerjee
  • Josh Berger
  • Burt Cubbison
  • Steven Deems
  • Ken Hackworth

  • Dave Hart
  • Rob Light
  • Sonia Nayak

  • Steve Peckins
  • Lorna Rivera
  • Ester Soriano
  • Julie Wernert



December Quarterly Meeting:

  • IBC-ER Market Analysis: XRAS and Single Sign On
  • XSEDE Development Coordination Council- 
  • User Survey- performance feedback
  • PIF- 
    • give L2 directors ability to manage budget under-spend at the WBS area
    • submit more ideas
    • Re-evaluate how things are presented on the XRAS submission page on the portal
  • Draft Transition Plan- plan is to finish it in January

Discussion Items

  • PIF ideas- 

    • pay someone to get XRAS code base ready for public consumption (PIXO)

    • AMIE Redesign
    • Solver for post XRAC meeting reconciliation
  • EMPOWER Program- can we utilize student interns from this program- Lorna has reached out to the EMPOWER team for more information
  • User Survey annual review process (led by Julie Wernert)
    • include "awareness" about allocations process
    • RAS sends a user survey about the submission process to allocation requestors after every XRAC meeting
  • Backlog refinement- will we remain on schedule for next sprint despite holiday closures? 


  • N/A

Action Items

  • N/A