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RAS Director's Office

The following items would have to be addressed in transitioning RAS activities to a follow-on award and awardee(s).

  • IPR metrics appendix process/queries
  • Data set publication process/queries
  • ORCID membership
  • XRAS Service Agreements for non-XSEDE clients
  • User satisfaction survey instrument used for quarterly metrics

Allocation Policies and Procedures (APP)

  • Allocations Policies and Procedures documentation, including Reviewer Manual
  • Current slate of XRAC members
  • Quarterly process and schedule for Research allocation requests

Allocations, Accounting and Account Management (A3M)


  • XRAS
    • Support for XRAS as a Service to existing clients
    • XRAS components documentation

      XRAS Admins contact info

    • XRAS Admin Clients User Guide
  • XSEDE Accounting Service-—including AMIE or whatever comes after AMIE

    • AMIE site providers' contact information

    • Gateways documentation

  • Resource Description Repository
  • XSEDE Central Database (XDCDB) and data—includes, for example, allocations, accounting and user-related data for XSEDE.
  • xdcdb-admin utilities and Staff Queries
  • AWS-hosted services and applications 
    • XDCDB (currently deployed as AWS Aurora Postgres DB)
    • cron jobs
    • a3mprod and a3mdev VM instances access
    • xdcdb-admin
    • xras submit/admin/review apps
    • APIs
    • xras_summary gem
    • xras_services
    • XSEDE metrics Dashboard UI
  • A3M code repository (in GitHub)
    • code for all supported components and utilities
  • Existing related A3M mailing lists
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