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2/15 - 2/18/2021

Generate and prioritize list of activities in the Planning SOW for each L3


Insert FTE and Non-FTE tabs into Planning SOW spreadsheets (done by the Business Office/Ron)

2/22 - 2/23/2021

Decide which activities can be accomplished within budget; review KPIs for accuracy and set RY6 targets (note that target changes must be complete prior to the March Quarterly meeting or a PCR must be completed).

3/1 - 3/2/2021

+/- 5% budget exercise

3/3/2021Add planned publications to PY11 Publications tab

3/10 - 3/11/2021

L2s: Present Plan, KPIs, Planned Publications, +/-5% at Quarterly Meeting

Google Slides template for L2 PY11 Planning presentations (make a copy for your presentation and remove the unnecessary slides with other L2 KPI info). 


L3 text of PY11 Program Plan due to PMs; PMs give L3 text to L2s

  • Succinctly discuss PY11 activities. These can be found in your PY11 SOWs


All L2 text of PY11 Program Plan (including L3 text) due to PMs

  • In the tables, set your targets for RY6.
  • Below the table, discuss why the targets were set to the numbers that they were. If the KPI is not new and/or your target did not change from PY10 to PY11, state this. For new/adjusted targets, please explain why you chose the target you did. Next, discuss KPIs added/removed/modified for PY11 (other than target changes). Give explanations as to why you added/removed/modified KPIs.
  • Discuss your area’s overall PY11 Priorities. This should include activities that were presented at the March Quarterly Meeting. From an overall area perspective, discuss what’s new/changing including any discontinued activities.


All PY11 Program Plan text due in GoogleDocs by PMs, including copy edits


KPI targets calculated

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