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  1. You should receive an e-mail from the XSEDE RT ticket system when a PCR has been submitted by an XSEDE staff member.
  2. Open the PCR ticket in the RT ticket system by clicking on the Ticket url in the e-mail you receive.
  3. The ticket will open in a browser window.
    1. If you are not logged in to the RT ticket system, you will be prompted to login (use your XSEDE wiki/portal login).
    2. If you are logged in to the RT ticket system, the metadata screen for the PCR ticket will appear.
  4. Scroll down to the History tab of the ticket.
  5. Click on the Download attachment button on the right side of the History tab.
  6. Save the attached PCR form to your computer.
  7. Open the PCR form.
  8. Review the PCR form and any comments submitted along with it in the ticket e-mail.
    1. Are you the responsible PM for the PCR?
      1. If the PCR appears to cross areas, and you’re unsure which PM is responsible, iterate with PM team members within the ticket until you can answer Yes or No. NOTE: Commenting on a ticket and Replying to a ticket within the RT ticket system are NOT the same. The recipients for each of those actions are different.
      2. No – Stop, no further action is required.
      3. Yes - Take ownership of the ticket then Next. NOTE: The PCR Process thrust lead may also change ownership of the ticket.
    2. Is the PCR valid (e.g., does it need to be considered/moved forward)?
      1. No – Karla or Scott should reject, go to Step 9.
      2. Yes – Next
    3. Should the PCR be returned to the submitter for revision?
      1. No – Go to Step 9.
      2. Yes – Return the PCR form to the submitter for updating then start this Step (8) over again once the updated PCR form is received. NOTE: The responsible PM may make updates to the PCR instead of the submitter, depending on the type of edits required.
    4. Is the PCR for a KPI change?
      1. Yes - Route the PCR to the SP&E team for appropriate vetting and feedback. They should either ask for revision, revise the form themselves, or okay it as is. Once PCR is vetted and, if necessary, modified appropriately, go to Step 9.
      2. No - Go to step 9. 
  9. Enter the appropriate PCR metadata into the Change Control Table (CCT), including creating a link to the ticket number.
  10. Decide who should be included in the disposition process (L3s, L2s, PIs, etc.). Again, if you're unsure here, then iterate with your PM peers.
  11. Route the help ticket based on the decision from Step 10 above.
  12. Track the PCR in the ticket system through its disposition.
  13. Once a final decision is made to approve or reject the PCR by the appropriate disposition authority(s), indicate the disposition in Section 11 of the PCR form.
  14. Complete Section 12 of the PCR form by indicating who the disposition authority was, the date the PCR was approved/rejected, the ticket # assigned to the PCR, and, as necessary, any correspondence generated within the help ticket.
  15. Save the updated PCR file.
  16.  Attach the updated PCR to the ticket in RT.
  17. Insert a comment in the ticket that the "Approved PCR file is attached."
  18. In the "To" field of the ticket, make sure that is added IF the PCR involves a budget change. 
  19. Also make sure the PCR submitter is a recipient of the ticket about to be updated.
  20. Once the PCR has been dispositioned, you should add the completed PCR file to the CCT on the wiki. 
  21. Once implementation of the change has begun, change the ticket status from "Open" to "Resolved," then update the status field in the CCT accordingly. 

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