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PCR Submission form and instructions

  1. Complete the submission form located here - PCR Submission Form.
  2. If you need help completing the form or have questions, please contact your area's Project Manager.
  3. Complete sections 1-7 and 9 of the form, which are required.
    Section 1. Date – Enter the date by clicking on the small calendar thumbnail to the right of the date field. 
    Section 2. Submitted by – Enter your name (e.g., Jane Doe).
    Section 3. WBS(s) affected – Enter the WBS number of each area affected by the change request (e.g., 1.2, 1.5.1). If a budget change PCR, this should be all the WBSs affected by the budget change. 
    Section 4. Type of Change – Select all the listed types of change that apply. If Other, explain in Section 8 (Comments).
    Section 5. Explanation of Change – Enter a brief explanation/description of the change being requested. If a budget change PCR, this should include all areas (WBS, institution) whose budget changes.
    Section 6. Impact of Change – Enter a brief explanation/description of how your proposed change will impact the change type(s)
    that you selected in Section 5. If a budget change PCR, this should include the budget amounts changing and all areas (WBS, institution) whose budget changes. 
    Section 7. Risks – Enter a brief explanation/description of the risks, if any, associated with the types you selected in Section 5.
    Section 8. Comments – Provide any additional information that will contribute to the resolution of the change request.
    Section 9. Other Documents Affected – List any documents that the change request might impact (e.g., quarterly reports, statements of work). See the PCR - Affected Documents Table below for a list of potential documents affected by change type.
    Section 10.Attachments- Attach any supporting documentation as appropriate.

  4. Upon completion of the form, click the Save” button in lower left below the submission form.
  5. Upon submission, a new wiki page will appear acknowledging the submission.  Also upon submission, a Jira Issue will be created for your project change request. 
  6. Shortly after your submission, you will receive an e-mail that contains a table of information. Included in the table of information will be a link to the Jira Issue that was created. That link will be under the “Key” column on the far right of the table.
  7. You may access your Jira Issue by clicking the link under the “Key” column. To access the Jira Issue, you will be required to login to Jira, if you aren’t already. The e-mail you receive upon submission will come addressed to you, it will be from, and will mirror Figure 1 below (except the table embedded within the email will contain metadata from your submission).
  8. You can also access your Jira Issue from the Change Control Table, which is automatically updated with each PCR submission with the latest submission at the top. 
  9. If you change your mind about your PCR submission and wish to retract (i.e., withdraw) it before a disposition is made, simply access the Jira Issue and click the Withdraw button at the top. 
  10. To follow your PCR through its disposition, at any time you can go to the Change Control Table and select the Jira issue created from your submission.  
  11. Once a decision has been made about your change request, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of its approval or rejection along with a copy of the dispositioned PCR file. 


          Figure 1. Sample e-mail message received upon a PCR submission. 

Affected Documents Table

Budget/CostPlanning SOW, Institutional SOW, Institutional 1030, Institutional Budget Justification, Institutional Letter of Commitment, Financial Portal, ??
KPI/Area MetricInterim Project/Annual Reports, Wiki Pages, Area Metric/KPI Google spreadsheet, Dashboard, ??
ScheduleOfficial XSEDE schedule, Wiki calendars, ??
ScopePEP, Planning SOW, ??
StaffPlanning SOW, Institutional SOW, Wiki pages, Interim Project/Annual Reports, Area Metric/KPI Google spreadsheet, Financial Portal
TechnicalWiki pages, Process documentation, ??


When is a PCR needed? When any of the following occur:

Changes to KPIs or Area Metrics (this includes changes to reporting frequency and targets, unless the target is changed as part of the planning for a new project year).

Change of a PI or co-PI

Change of an L2 director

Change of an L2 deputy director

Change of an L3 manager

Change in WBS budgets 

Change in Institutional budget

    • Includes ECSS contract hires
    • Includes Champion Fellows
    • Includes non-FTE funds

Change to an institution’s SOW

Major change of technical scope across WBSs or within an L2 or L3 WBS

When a supplemental award is received

When unspent project funds are re-allocated and the re-allocation changes WBS or institutional budget

When schedules are substantially impacted

Who can submit a PCR?

Any XSEDE project staff member can submit a PCR, but should generally by submitted by a Project Manager or L3 manager and above. 

What is the format of the PCR document?

Currently, PCRs are submitted via a Web form on the wiki, and the form data resides in Jira.

Where can I find instructions for submitting a PCR?

A link to the PCR form and instructions for completing it are located at the top of this page.

What are the possible dispositions of a PCR?

Once formally submitted, a PCR can be approved, rejected, or withdrawn. In certain circumstances, an approved PCR may be annulled. A PCR may be withdrawn if it is submitted but gets retracted by the submitter before it is vetted and either approved or rejected. 

Who approves a PCR?

See Disposition authorities list below. Approval typically begins at the L2 level and above.

If a change significantly affects an SP, vetting by the SP Forum may be required and then approved by the PI.

Major project changes require NSF approval.

Where can I see the PCRs that have been submitted?

The Change Control Table below provides information about all submitted PCRs. 

Who should I contact if I have a question about PCRs or the process?

Scott Wells ( is the lead for our change process. However, you may first reach out to your area's project manager, who should be able to answer most questions. 

Disposition authorities list

Example list of project change types and required approvers.

Change TypeRequired Approver
L2 Director or co-PI leadershipProject PI
Budget and/or scope between sub-awards (e.g., moves one sub-award to another)Project PI, sub-award PIs
L3 Manager and Deputy ManagerL2 Director, Deputy Project Director
Budget and/or scope changes within a sub-awardSub-award PI, Deputy Project Director
KPIsL2 Director, Deputy Project Director

Change Control Table

PCR Workflow Instructions for PMs and Mgmt Staff


ARCHIVED INSTRUCTIONS: PM instructions for managing PCRs (Old instructions for previous PCR process.)