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Storage Resources and Connectivity (5-May-2017)

Site  ResourceWho to contact?InterfacesNumber of storage nodesCapacityOS
IUJetstreamGeorge Wm Turner10G to XSEDEN/A - instantiated by user960TBN/A
NICSDatamoverRick Mohr10G8 nodes1.3PBCentOS 6.5, with plans to upgrade to RHEL 7
PSCBridges Pylon5
Derek Simmel
2 nodes
CentOS 7.4
SDSCOasisTom Hutton10G64 OSSs4PBCentOS 6 (5-May-2017)

Chris Jordan

100G data center connection
40G/compute resource
(4 x 10G NICs)
56G IB
4 GridFTP servers per resource
(>=10 cores per server)

 2PB disk

160PB tape

Centos 6.X or RHEL equivalents
TACCStampede14PB (shared)
1.6PB (local)
Centos 6.X or RHEL equivalents
TACCWrangler 10PBCentos 6.X or RHEL equivalents

GridFTP Logging and Analysis

A central GridFTP logging service is running at TACC. PSC and TACC are both collecting local logs and storing in TACC's central repository. SDSC is not yet logging locally.

An example GridFTP transfer record (some <information> changed to anonymize the transfer) from the logs looks like:

DATE=20170401042919.936416 PROG=globus-gridftp-server NL.EVNT=FTP_INFO START=20170401042452.974284 USER=<UserID> FILE=<Filename> BUFFER=235104 BLOCK=1048576 NBYTES=21668256028 VOLUME=/ STREAMS=4 STRIPES=1 DEST=[IPv4address] TYPE=RETR CODE=226 TASKID=4ec98860-1678-11e7-bb90-22000b9a448b retrans=6671,6667,6164,4703


  • Time format is YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.UUUUUU (microsecs). 
  • DATE: time the transfer completed.
  • START: time the transfer started.
  • HOST: hostname of the server.
  • USER: username on the host that transferred the file.
  • BUFFER: TCP buffer size (if 0 system defaults were used).
  • BLOCK: the size of the data block read from the disk and posted to the network.
  • NBYTES: the total number of bytes transferred.
  • VOLUME: the disk partition where the transfer file is stored.
  • STREAMS: the number of parallel TCP streams used in the transfer.
  • STRIPES: the number of stripes used on this end of the transfer.
  • DEST: hostname of second server.
  • TYPE: the transfer type, RETR is a send and STOR is a receive (ftp 959 commands).CODE: the FTP rfc959 completion code of the transfer. 226 indicates success, 5xx or 4xx are failure codes


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