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    • Ken Hackworth

    • Dave Hart

    • Sonia Nayak
    • Amy Schuele


    • Telecon Schedules (Amy and Ken): A3M and APP have bi-weekly meetings established. Amy will be setting up monthly meetings for AAM and SP groups.
    • Mailing Lists (Amy and Ken): Amy and Ken are working on updating existing lists and creating new ones.

    Discussion items

11 Aug 2016 RAS-MGMT_2016-08-11
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    • Dave Hart

    • Sonia Nayak
    • Lorna Rivera


    • SMT Update (Dave): Wiki guidelines being prepared for public/private information. E.g., meeting notes to be public, meeting call-in details private. Meeting notes to emphasize attendees, decisions, and action items.
    • Evaluation Update (Lorna): Lorna will be attending RAS Mgt meetings, representing Evaluation team and activities.

    • PM Update (Sonia): Wiki & PM team discussing calendar options for Confluence. Working on new reporting schedule.

    Discussion items

    • Current allocations schedule not expected to change due to XSEDE reporting schedule.  


    • N/A

    Action items

18 Aug 2016 RAS-MGMT_2016-08-18
  • Lee Liming to get Globus Auth SSH and GCS v5 status from Rachana for our GT Planning Meeting on  
01 Feb 2018Lee LimingWBS 2.3.2 Requirements Analysis and Planning 2018-01-18 Meeting
Sudhakar Pamidighantam2019-03-11 Meeting notes
Sergiu Sanielevici2019-02-25 Meeting notes
  • Jim Marsteller
    • Document the current emergency account process and tradeoffs of staying manual versus automating parts (i.e., risks involved)
    • Will check if it SP security agreement is explicit about emergency account suspension 
Jim MarstellerWBS 2.3.2 Emergency Account Suspension 2019-02-20 Meeting
  • Preparing PY9 plan text
WBS 2.3.2 PY9 Plans and UREP 2019-02-20 Meeting
  • Announcing PY9 plans
WBS 2.3.2 PY9 Plans and UREP 2019-02-20 Meeting
  • Preparing quarterly slides
WBS 2.3.2 PY9 Plans and UREP 2019-02-20 Meeting
JP NavarroWBS 2.3.2 RACD Meetings February 21, 2019 - Activity Updates

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