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The table below identifies the team and contact for various tools used by the XSEDE project:

ToolCreationImplementationAdministrationMaintenanceUser Support
Confluence (Wiki)Project TeamXCIPM&RSysOpsPM&R


  • Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Operation
  • PCR
  • ECSS
  • Recommendations
  • Staff Publications & Technical Reports
Project TeamXCIPM&RSysOpsPM&R

Metrics Dashboard

Project TeamA3MSP&EA3MSP&E
XSEDE Financial Portal (no longer used starting Fall 2019)Project TeamBus OpsBus OpsBus OpsBus Ops
Budget Tools are maintained in the Business Operations Google driveProject TeamBus OpsBus OpsBus OpsBus Ops
RT Ticket SystemOperationsOperationsSys OpsSys OpsXOC
Google (XSEDE Acct & Drive)Project TeamBus OpsBus OpsBus OpsBus Ops
Email Distribution ListsPM&RPM&RPM&RPM&RPM&R
Meeting ManagerPM&RPM&RPM&RPM&RPM&R
ZoomBus OpsBus OpsBus OpsBus OpsBus Ops

Research Software Portal

  • UREP prioritization process
  • Production capabilities status tracking for program wide KPI
  • SP resource integration status tracking

IDEALS is the Illinois Digital Environment for Learning and Scholarship, an archival system run by the University of Illinois that provides persistent, reliable, access to research and scholarship materials from the University of Illinois. XSEDE uses IDEALS for long term storage and dissemination of key XSEDE documents and project materials. Most of the XSEDE documents archived within IDEALS are publicly discoverable by normal search engines such as Google. Access the XSEDE Digital Object Repository (XDOR) here

JIRA is proprietary software from Atlassian that provides issue tracking and project management capabilities. Access the XSEDE Jira instance here (note that this requires logging in, and not all staff have access). 

Confluence is proprietary software from Atlassian that is used to facilitate team collaboration. XSEDE uses for its staff wiki.

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