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  • Exploring options for reducing the necessary number of API calls for creating requests
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GET /v1/opportunities/<opportunityId>

  • If rules are configured on a per opportunity basis, we should list all the rules without needing to make another request: 
    • Current rules object in opportunities:

      "rules": {
                  "opportunityId": 531659,
                  "canSubmitNewRequest": true,
                  "noAvailableActionsReason": [],
                  "resourceIdsAvailableForNewRequest": [
                  "gracePeriod": 1,
                  "availableActionRequests": []
  • Currently, in the person request we don't have role_types or any roles for the user. This would beneficial to have within the person object so that the front-end can display something like the displayRoleType.
    • Current person object looks like this: 

          "message": null,
          "result": {
              "username": "metzger",
              "firstName": "Luis",
              "middleName": null,
              "lastName": "Metzger",
              "email": "",
              "phone": "303-591-3076",
              "academicStatus": "Industrial User",
              "residenceCountry": null,
              "organization": "UCAR"
  • For supporting grants, we require several API requests to GET certain data, such as: 
    • Funding Agencies: 

               "fundingAgencyName":"National Science Foundation (NSF)",
    • Unit types: 

    • FOS types: 

               "fosName":"Mathematical and Physical Sciences",
    • Anyway we can combine this to allow for a decrease in supporting Grants? 
      • Possible Solutions: 
        • Funding Agencies can have nested attributes of what is required for each.

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