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  • Updates
    • No news yet for the follow on to XSEDE
      • No solicitation has been released yet
    • NSF Blueprint for a National Cyberinfrastructure Coordination Services
      • We don't know what NSF plans to do after XSEDE
        • Monolithic award like current XSEDE?
        • Broken up?
        • Internal vs user facing
    • Training PIF
      • Do recall the survey we sent asking what sorts of training in which ECSS staff would be interested
      • XSEDE ended up not having left over PIF to pay for this
        • Sub-award PI has discretion in how funds are spent, so if you are interested in doing training, feel free to talk to your sub-award PI
        • If you do not know who your subaward PI is, please contact Bob or Phil
    • When does XSEDE2 end: August 31, 2021
  • Project Management using Jira and Confluence: presented by Lonnie Crosby
    • If you are feeling lost using Jira and/or Confluence, please reach out to your L3 manager. Should you not know who your L3 manager is, please contact Bob or Phil. 
  • Staff Climate Survey
    • Please feel empowered to provide your feedback on ways we can improve ECSS 
  • Reminder
    • PEARC20 tech papers are due Feb 17
    • If you are interested in being a reviewer on the program committee, get in contact with Bob
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