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Action Items

  • List of desired training that staff update whenever they want
  • List of training resources that staff have come across 
  • Informal Communication Group: Mona Wong, Andrea Zonca, Suresh Marru 




  • ECSS PY8 plans
    • Improve ECSS project pipeline (proactively recruit, work with ER to spread the word)
    • Increase development opportunities for staff (training, conference attendance)
    • Improve development of training materials (for ourselves and others)
    • Share experiences with like organizations
    • Resolve remaining gateway user attribute submission issues (Amit Chourasia is leading this)
  • Staff development opportunities
    • In an ideal world, how would you want to learn about a new topic
      • Training
        • Once a year opportunities at PEARC
          • PEARC training opportunity is nice, but those who miss the conference miss out on the opportunity. Possibly move training away from PEARC and have a webinar style training every 6 months because many people who are at PEARC are busy doing other things
        • Perhaps conducting trainings like the JIRA training was done (team members per site gather together and have the training) 
        • Merging trainings in unison with a large event becomes a challenge for trainings. Maybe combining trainings with XRAC
        • Seems that the training attachment is a secondary thought (in the evening, after something else, last thing) which makes it feel less of importance
        • Could have same impacts with webinar but presented as an ECSS-All Training
          • Caveat: Virtual is the most convenient, but people tuning out is a risk 
          • Grouped training combined with webinar can keep people engaged
          • Webinars with hands-on components would keep people engaged, along with more 
        • Webinar recording and available slides also would be good for staff 
          • Useful, but concern is that it's difficult to update them. You have to re-record it from scratch if you need to update it. Retained documentation might be a better option. More tedious than following a video, but easier to update if something like a software stack changes. 

        • Slack: an option, but probably not a good use for getting information out to a big group (lack of threading conversations leads to the conversation/discussion getting lost) 
          • Perhaps a small group to look at different options for informal communications 
            • Small group volunteers: Mona Wong, Andrea Zonca, Alan Craig, Suresh 
        • Would be good for staff to report back about trainings to let others know what they learned, how they learned it, etc. 
      • Asynchronous opportunities
      • ECSS-ers training one another
      • Pair ECSS-ers on projects where one gets to learn new skills
      • Travel to conferences/training opportunities
        • ECSS is working to untangle travel policies so that staff is more encouraged to attend trainings 
    • Topics requested in last two climate surveys (add other topics of interest, provide pointers to existing materials, list yourself as an expert)
      • Some of these could simply be documentation on how to use a tool and not a full blown training
      • Emerging technology conferences
      • ECSS new staff orientation
      • User Interface Design Analytics Analysis
      • Parallel and high performance I/O
      • Latest math libraries
      • New programming practices, new programming paradigms
      • Latest computing architectures
      • Jupyter
      • Container and virtualization (Singularity)
      • Big data tools
      • cloud computing performance profiling and modeling
      • OpenStack
      • Python
      • Ansible
      • General data analysis principles
      • Matlab


  • What has worked/ what hasn't worked
    • ECSS needs a better way for people to communicate
  • 10% time for training (consuming training for ourselves) 
    • Encourage staff to take 10% time for development and report back 
  • Thoughts about how to discover interesting opportunities for various kinds of training (And how to share) 
    • Wiki could be a good collection point for training materials
      • Asynchronous trainings could be collected and posted there 
      • Perhaps this could be off of the ESTEO Wiki (And shared with ECSS-All)
  • Additional topics you might to see
    • Any expertise that XSEDE PIs are looking for (outside of that list)
      • Machine Learning 
      • Stanford Extreme Machine
    • Image analysis expertise 
    • Singularity
    • Mobile development? 
    • If we can combine training topics into prototyping efforts, then we could get some good stuff out that's ready to use 
      • Have the training activities be practical enough to be used in a project 
  • Additional delivery methods 

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