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In Attendance


Agenda review

Internet2 L2 link review that don't appear to be needed any more. The one-hour traffic (as of a few minutes ago) on each is indicative of nothing more than ARP.  Do we still need these?

  • XD-OU-3011-NICS-327 - NICS/OU 327 was set up circa 18Sep2014. Looks like Bennie Sparks formerly of NICS set it up. Tabitha Samuel Leave as is for now.

New SPs to solicit XSEDEnet:

  • Faster (Texas A&M) 
    • Tabitha forwarded contact info to Dave.  Dave has sent information about XSEDEnet and invited a meeting

Follow up with TACC regarding their choice to withdraw from XSEDEnet to simplify their routing complexity. David Wheeler

  • routes are still present
  • Michael will follow up to inquire

PEARC (July 10-14th Conference Dates) Submissions due Feb 18th

  • System and System environments submission for DTS reports
  • Tutorial reviewers are needed
  • Lessons learned paper on data transfer and improved data transfer
    • running a network overlay for many years
    • perfsonar operational experience over many years
    • What have we learned as a team
    • Novel approach
  • PEARC22 DTS Paper Folder
    • Drop ideas into the brainstorming file
    • probably single column format

The quarterly IPR is due by next Wednesday, so metrics will be needed for that.

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