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In Attendance


Proposal on unspent funds provided to L2 managers

New SPs to solicit XSEDEnet:

  • Darwin (Delaware) will wait to join XSEDEnet
  • Rockfish (JHU) was contacted
    • Michael will reach out to them again to inquire of interest in XSEDEnet to the PI
    • Jaime Combar is in charge of MARCC

  • Faster (Texas A&M) 
    • Michael will follow up

What outreach activities should we pursue:

  • EPOC collaboration - Dave to reach out to them
  • Globus 5.4 is coming out so maybe we can investigate and make suggestions
  • Globus connectors 
    • Test and document using globus on various cloud storage options
    • File system config and file transfer suggestions
    • Review JPs 

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