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Richard AngelettiX 
Kathy BenningerX 
Tim BoernerX 
Tom Hutton X 
Chris Jordan X 
Matt KollrossX 
Siva Kulasekaran X 
Michael LambertX 
Rick Mohr


Tabitha SamuelX


  1. Continued discussion of new goals and focus areas


  1. Michael: Might want to move IPv6 to enhancements
  2. Going from mesh to VPN type services, doesn't feel like a 'maintain' type of activity.
  3. Need to complete plan of action for tasks in Data Transfer Services Proposal to Change Focus of Group Activities for PY7 - PY10 document.
  4. Team to go through document and provide comments inline. Change tracking can be turned off if necessary.
  5. Timeline for getting this completed: content finished this month would be good

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