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corPlan: Add links on XUP to training materials and events from the broader HPC community.

Why: The XUP training pages originally only included materials and links to XSEDE SP materials.  Adding links to select materials from the community allows us to present a broader range of quality training materials, coordinate rather than duplicate development, and focus our development efforts on materials that do not already exist.

Extent: We do not intend to create a repository including all HPC training materials; HPCU already exists.  The intention is to add select high-quality materials appropriate to the XSEDE audience to supplement and complement XSEDE materials.

Source: Material suggestions come from a variety of sources: 

  • Collaborators we already work with, e.g. PRACE
  • Suggestions from XSEDE staff
  • Unsolicited offers from HPC Training groups and industry
  • Solicited; we would like to contact HPC Training groups to collaborate & coordinate

Location: TBD, e.g. incorporate into the existing course catalog, or add one page to the training tab on the XUP, with two sections:

  • Events: Title, Link, Host, Dates, Format (e.g. in house, webinar), Short description
  • Materials: Title, Link, Site, Format (e.g. slide deck, online module), Short description

Procedure: Note: avoid overburdening resources (Reviewers, UII, etc.). 

  1. Solicit (from HPC Training colleagues at XSEDE SPs and the HPC Training Consortium) and Collect (via email, typically from XSEDE staff and HPC training groups) suggestions (Training)
  2. Quick Review/Approve (Training (Doug James and Jeff Sale) or Internal referrer)
    1. Focus on appropriateness and value added.
    2. Primarily look for obvious disconnects: is there any reason not to link to this item?
  3. Post, Method/Design TDB (See Location above)
  4. Maintain (Training)
    1. Check links & roll over events listing quarterly
    2. Re-do quick review annually
    3. Record history of community additions in confluence


  • Consider higher-value materials for roadmap links.  Would require formal review.
  • Require metadata, e.g. category and keywords, to enable deeper search
  • Later review scope of effort.  Expect 1-5 submissions per month initially.
  • Add community rating input (1-5, comments)
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