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Participants: Leslie Morsek, Kelly Gaither, Aaron Weeden, Henry Neeman, Jay Alameda, Juan Martinez Ramirez, Weddie Jackson, Bryan Snead, Linda Akli, Kate Cahill, Susan Mehringer, Sandie Kappes, Dana Brunson, Valerie Herold

    • Important Dates
      • Quarterly Meeting (San Diego) – 3/9 – 3/11/2020
      • Early April 2020 – PY10 Planning content drafting will begin
    • General Announcements– Kelly
    • WBS area updates
      • Workforce Development - Linda
        • Training – Susan
          • Monthly workshop just happened; meetings at quarterly to: (1) discuss expanding topics to include on YouTube site and (2) deliver an across XSEDE training.
        • Student Programs – Rosie
          • New user training to Cal State LA; intro to Linux at Cal State LA; approximately 100 students registered; a lot of students from initial cohort came back; partnership is a great connector for bringing students in and getting them involved.
          • Planning for PEARC 20 is progressing; deadline is April 1 for applications.
          • Computing4Change SD20 applications to open soon.
          • Possible partnership with Florida/Georgia LSAM – constitutes 13 institutions – there will be a large number of students.
      • Education – Kate 
        • Campus visits to Albany State and Georgia – promote computational science in multiple domains; three upcoming faculty workshops – folks can register soon; Faculty workshop at PEARC; python training at CSULA in a few weeks; conference in June in SC – giving an XSEDE overview.
    • User Engagement – Bryan
      • Continuing to reach out to PIs – approximately 1500 – 2500 PIs to see how they’re doing and how User Engagement can help.
    • Broadening Participation – Linda 
      • Another faculty workshop around advanced computing for social change; getting inundated by folks who want to send folks to the workshop (e.g., Virgin Islands); going to visit Livingstone College.
    • UII – Maytal
    • Campus Engagement – Dana and Henry
      • App for onboarding/offboarding; championship team going to have a face-to-face workshop; virtual residency workshop is underway – 224-234 registrants so far; submitted a cyber training proposal with grant writing apprenticeship; submitted a PEARC paper about virtual residency program (first paper to have data re: number of CI facilitators and how many researchers they serve and for how long they serve).
    • General Discussion
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