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Participants: Aaron Weeden, Henry Neeman, Jay Alameda, Juan Martinez Ramirez, Marques Bland, Bryan Snead, Linda Akli, Marisa Brazil, Rosie, Dana Brunson, Susan Mehringher, Michael Dwyer, Leslie Morsek

  • Important Dates
  • General Announcements – Kelly
  • WBS area updates
    • Workforce Development – Jennifer
      • Training – Susan
        • Working on creating better new user materials; following the new user webinar office hours are going to be offered for those who attended; almost done with big data roadmap – more badges are in development.
      • Student Programs – Rosie
        • Proposal for special events for social change co-located at PEARC has been accepted. Cal State-LA wrapped up and 3 trainings were held wherein over 80 students were reached; It was a pilot program and it was very successful a lot was learned; This collaboration is going to be continued.
      • Education – Jennifer/Kate
        • Spring EMPOWER program: keeping an eye on students' monthly reports, 2 students reported poster presentations, added citations for these to the EMPOWER confluence page.

        • Summer EMPOWER program: 67 students applied (most ever), 30 positions submitted by mentor candidates, 23 mentor candidates applied, 33 reviewers recruited, materials sent to reviewers so they can score the matches of students/mentors/projects, collecting all reviewer scores by April 12, notifying applicants of final decisions by May 2.

        • Faculty workshops: HPC curriculum development (June 10-12, U Tulsa) and computational chemistry (June 17-21, Muskingum U) – posted the registration pages for both – deadline to apply in a couple weeks.

        • PEARC: Kate and Jennifer and Aaron will be hosting the student modeling challenge.

    • User Engagement – Bryan
      • Getting ready to send out materials to users and PIs to gather information on their experience.
    • Broadening Participation – Linda
      • At UCSB, a workshop was held with the center for black studies research; UCSB requested help with some proposal (also Cal State LA has requested help with some proposals). At PEARC, some faculty and students will be brought in and some programs will be rolled out in the fall semester at their schools.
    • UII – Maytal
    • Campus Engagement – Dana and Henry
      • Community chats, Champions call, tech talks are still on-going. Overhaul of the team leadership charter has occurred. Continuing to work on code of conduct and determining what future website will look like. Got asked to submit a paper on Champions for PEARC and also for virtual residency.
  • General Discussion
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