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Participants:  Leslie Morsek, Kelly Gaither, Jennifer Houchins, Aaron Weeden, Henry Neeman, Juan Martinez Ramirez, Maytal Dahan, Marques Bland, Bryan Snead, Linda Akli, Jeff Sale, Marisa Brazil, Rosie, Kate Cahill

Previous Action Items:

  • Important Dates
    • 2/11: PY9 Planning starts; PY9 Plan due 5/15 (in conjunction with Annual Report)
    • 2/21: IPR8 due
    • 3/4 – 3/6: Quarterly Meeting (Los Angeles, CA)
  • General Announcements – Kelly 
    • Annual review will occur beginning of June; will connect those who are onsite and not onsite.
    • Campus Champions – Dana is moving employers (Oklahoma State to Internet2)
  • WBS area updates
    • Workforce Development – Jennifer
        • EMPOWER – spring students: 45 students applied (3x as many as normal – External Relations team and Campus Champions helped with attracting applicants); selected 24 students – reviewed by 3 individuals in XSEDE and anonymous reviewing to remove bias; scored 1-5 on approximately 7 questions; made final decision based on scores and comments of reviewers; will collect monthly reports to see how they’re doing.

        • Are we counting the same way? We need to be. Linda to help guide how we should be counting (carnegie classifications) – listed on wiki page – but will do a more formal check; Linda will suggest meeting on this topic for quarterly meeting.

      • Training – Susan
        • Completed redesign of course catalog page – easier to navigate and more targeted (e.g., filtering).
      • Student Programs – Rosie
        • Collaborating with BP for webinars and trainings at Santa Barbara; Cal State LA with NASA partnered stem program course.
      • Education – Jennifer/Kate
        • Working on applications in parallel with Berkeley – 18 institutions – 225 students across institutions.
        • Curriculum course in Oklahoma this summer; computational chemistry course in Ohio.
    • User Engagement – Bryan
      • Microsurveys  - we may be lacking on some of these, so if anyone has any ideas, they are open to ideas.
    • Broadening Participation – Linda
      • Weather prevented BP from presenting at second day of training in Atlanta – re-scheduled potentially as webinars.
      • Working on internal training once a month to ensure consistency within team
      • PEARC19 Colocation bringing faculty members in to assist.
    • UII – Maytal
      • ORCID ID integration in the XSEDE profile – now they can be linked.
      • 2-factor authentication discussions – cost will likely prevent it.
    • Campus Engagement – Dana and Henry
      • Marketing campaign with ER – going to be highlighting some Champions.
      • Leadership team elections in the spring; going to update charter.
      • Almost done with our internal code of conduct.
      • 2019 virtual residency workshop – registration open.
      • Proposal writing apprenticeship – over 60 folks.
      • Paper writing apprenticeship – approximately 60 folks.
  • General Discussion


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