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Participants: Kelly Gaither, Leslie Morsek, Aaron Weeden, Henry Neeman, Jay Alameda, Juan Martinez Ramirez, Maytal Dahan, Weddie Jackson, Marques Bland, Nicole Wolter, Susan Mehringer, Sandie Kappes, Marisa Brasil, Rosie Gomez, Kate Cahill

Previous Action Items:

  • Important Dates:
    • IPR7 due: 11/19
    • SC: 11/11-11/16
  • General Announcements - Kelly
  • WBS area introductions
  • Workforce Development – Jennifer
    • Jennifer gave a panel talk at NASA with a focus on training; in communications with UCSB to get some outreach and training set up for their faculty; Kate and Aaron discussing with the University of Tulsa about holding workshop for faculty on parallel computing curriculum development; fall EMPOWER students still working on projects and will submit two more progress reports for this semester (a student created an XSEDE and Bridges user guide and gave a presentation); recruiting for Spring 2019 and an announcement and video were released – it featured two students who participated this summer (distributed to all XSEDE and campus championship lists); deadline is 11/23 for applicants for Spring 2019, and notifications will be made in December.
      • Training – Susan
        • Currently in development – Workflow Roadmap is out for review; Machine Learning Roadmap is in development. Next monthly will be on big data on 12/4-5.  Next webinar on allocations will be in early December/January; Course catalog page is being reorganized; Many topics in online training are in development (ex. C++ course, Data Science for Python, Conducting Effective Training Webinars); 4th Monthly workshop topic will be edited and moved to YouTube next; Group will participate in SC18 education workshop and several BoFs.
      • Student Programs – Rosie
        • New partnership with NASA and training for about 70 students Cal State – LA (python training); training will be in the Spring; exhibiting and tapping into network of campus champions to help support broadening participation activity; Computing for Change engaging about 20 students selected from an applicant pool – participated in a few webinars to help prep for competition at SC18 – students will present final projects to judges.
      • Education – Jennifer/Kate 
  • User Engagement - Bryan
  • Broadening Participation - Linda
  • UII - Maytal
    • Resource selector – made a lot of progress and added integration for the software for all resources; improving account creation and including ID into profile.
  • Campus Engagement - Henry and Dana
    • Yesterday the proposal was identified; over 60 participants for proposal writing call; probably close to 60 for paper writing call; climate survey was very good – positive feedback from women underrepresented and others from other underrepresented groups are quite positive – likely to have Lorna publish a paper on this positive feedback (it also helps when we write proposals to have something to point to).
  • General Discussion
    • Getting a lot of requests to be student champions.
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