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Participants:  Karla Gendler, Leslie Morsek, Jennifer Houchins, Aaron Weeden, Alex Rocha, Henry Neeman, Jay Alameda, Juan Martinez Ramirez, Maytal Dahan, Valori Archuleta, Weddie Jackson, Marques Bland, Bryan Snead

Action items: N/A


  • Important Dates
    • 11/15 - IPR7 due, tentative
    • 11/11 - 11/16: SC18
  • General Announcements– Kelly
    • Received results from Staff Climate Survey: Kelly was happy with results; almost all areas for CEE participants went up; Management team will work through comments and ideas/solutions will be developed to address issues/problems.
  • WBS area updates
    • Workforce Development – Jennifer
      • Few more students in EMPOWER program
      • Training – Susan
        • Multi-cast workshop is today and at 24 sites
        • C++ for C programmers on Friday
        • Introduction to data visualization – next week
        • Policy on taking/using pictures for XSEDE and photo releases -

          • Talk to Linda/ER team  
      • Student Programs – Rosie
      • Education – Jennifer/Kate
        • Kate put out an announcement for online course and is getting responses and questions; 3 institutions signed up
        • EMPOWER – 7 students applied and all were accepted; 4 are previous participation, demographics: all male, 2/7 ethnic minority; will try to do some more promoting in the future with the ER team to help recruit diverse students; advertising material has been sent to Linda for her conferences that she is attending; general trend is that fall period has less applicant
    • User Engagement – Bryan
      • 1739 Project Status Emails - projects in Q2, 3 or 4 

        • 17+ responses so far
        • UE team will compile this in the next couple of weeks
      • 80 August Startups contacted
        • 12 responses
      • 302 PIs with allocations that started 10/1 contacted
        • 7 responses
    • Broadening Participation – Linda
    • UII – Maytal
      • Documentation has been updated for many systems

      • Resource selector has gone live

      • Working on new account creation proposal; sent to XCI and Dave Hart; debating if should go through XCI process

      • Working on small things with training

      • ORCIDID integration

      • Code of Conduct checkbox integration

    • Campus Engagement – Dana and Henry
      • Held Region 4 meeting last week
      • Dana went to QUILTS meeting, having research network engineers collaborate with researchers like Campus Champions; network engineers have very little experience working with researchers; trying to get the message in front of wider audiences
      • Restarted proposal writing apprenticeship as last year’s was declined and working on the comments and how to resubmit

      • Started paper writing apprenticeship: 30+ participants; learn how to write scholarly papers perhaps writing about PEARC program; went through PEARC paper that was accepted last year

  • General Discussion
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