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Participants:  Aaron Weeden, Dana Brunson, Marques Bland, Karla Gendler, Doug James, Susan Mehringer, Sandy Kappes, Weddie Jackson, Kelly Gaither, Alex Rocha

Action items:


  • Important Dates
    • 5/15: RY2 Annual Report and PY8 Plan due
    • 6/11: NSF Annual Review
    • 7/22-7/26: PEARC18
  • General Announcements– Kelly
    • PY8 Planning
      • Didn’t change our priorities, more refining our metrics to more adequately capture impact
      • Two things we’ve had to correct for
        • Money with PSC for training webinars
        • Kate is putting in PIF to work with Berkeley on parallel computing course – need more details but looking at how to explain how to expand out to other institutions
      • Get SP Forum feedback tomorrow
      • Some of CEE’s Area Metrics have moved up to project-wide
      • Feedback from XAB in Chicago in mid-late April
    • Always looking for highlights especially for the NSF review; anecdotally and/or numbers; examples could be with the students and how they have come through XSEDE and where they are now
  • WBS area updates
    • Workforce Development – Jennifer
      • Training – Susan
        • Ongoing workshops, training, review cycles, badges, etc
        • Roadmaps: format has been finalized; talking about how to do updates and make changes; got some great suggestions from Kate
        • YouTube: the first videos with light editing were put on the channel and the second series is about ready to go
      • Student Programs – Rosie
      • Education – Jennifer/Kate
        • Getting many people to sign up for the summer computational chemistry workshop
        • Clark Atlanta University – intro to XSEDE for professors from various institutions
        • EMPOWER – reviewing student applications for summer program; been reviewing progress reports from spring interns
    • User Engagement – Chris
      • Chris has done a tremendous job of the one-on-one interaction/emails
      • Closing the loop – user requests are tracked to resolution
      • Will be picking up and help in CE from a user perspective; help out with some of the contact
    • Broadening Participation – Linda
    • UII – Maytal
    • Campus Engagement – Dana and Henry
      • Making a bucket list of all the things that they would like to do
      • Survey of the Champions
      • Trying to get more at the value and impact of the Champions program from the Champions themselves
      • PEARC – have a lot going on, working with ER to do a video on the anniversary of the Champions program;
      • Fellows applications open
      • About to open Champions Leadership election
      • On Sustainability working group, spent talking about survey and how to get at value of the program; look at regional programs;
      • John Towns joined Championship Leadership call


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