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Participants:  Aaron Weeden, Doug James, Jay Alameda, Dana Brunson, Jeff@SDSC, Jennifer Houchins, Karla Gendler, Susan Mehringer, Weddie Jackson, Chris Hempel, Kate Cahill

Action items:


  • Important Dates
    • 11/12-11/17- SC17, Denver, Colorado
    • 11/15: IPR4 due
  • General Announcements– Kelly
  • WBS area updates
    • Workforce Development – Jennifer
      • Training – Susan
        • Jay and Susan have been trying to update and simplify identifying gaps
        • Trying to do a better job of advertising badges; contacted ER, making up slides to share with everyone who does training
        • Having issues with Skype for Business; KG will bring up this issue up with Ron again
      • Student Programs – Rosie
      • Education – Jennifer/Kate
        • SCSU workshops – attended by faculty from SCSU and Claflin, lot of really good questions; new user training, computational thinking, and visualization; having a further faculty workshop after receiving feedback
    • User Engagement – Chris
      • Working on emails and responses from emails that were sent out to all PIs with allocations in October
      • Sent out emails asking PIs to check users on their allocations
      • Amy and Maytal are working on the mechanism for users and removing stale users
    • Broadening Participation – Linda
      • We will be on time with our input to IPR. (only if you’re comfortable - Can you raise that we miss the dashboard which would smooth out the process of getting the metrics data.)
      • Code of Conduct development in progress with plans to present draft at December quarterly. Held first call and trying to develop draft on google docs.
      • South Carolina State/Claflin Universities workshop very successful. One new champion and possible 3 startup allocations over the next several months. Very strong support from Senior leadership at SCSU. Plan on follow up webinar series. Just waiting on eval summary of the feedback surveys before planning the next steps.
      • SACNAS – wildly successful and great coordination with the champions. (you can elaborate)
      • Tapia – successful (you can elaborate)
      • SC17 – ACSC workshop rolling along
    • UII – Maytal
    • Campus Engagement – Dana and Henry
      • Formed a working group to move champions webspace, etc; looking at GSuite, has led to discussions about maybe becoming a 503cb
      • Received requests from Pfizer and non-US institution; going to take to champion leadership team to discuss membership
      • Discussion at SC17 about what is CARC, open mic for champions to discuss at SC17


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