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Participants: Jay Alameda, Dana Brunson, Jennifer, Aaron, Chris, Doug James, Weddie Jackson, Jeff Sale, Sandra Kappes, Karla Gendler, Kelly Gaither, Marisa Brazil, Maytal Dahan, Rosie Gomez, Susan Mehringer, Tom Maiden

Action items:


  • Previous Action Items
  • Important Dates
    • 5/12: RY1 Annual Report and PY7 Plan due to NSF
    • 6/6-6/9: Review at NSF
    • 7/9-7/13: PEARC17
  • General Announcements - Kelly
  • WBS area updates
    • Workforce Development – Chris/Kelly
      • Training – Susan
        • Workshops and webinars and 6 badges awarded at ACC
        • First call for reviewers for material review is out and the champions have responded
        • Bulk add of participants – slightly manual but somewhat automatic to create the accounts
      • Student Programs - Rosie
        • Workshops
        • Working with BP, trying to elevate student programs
        • Trying to get on conference committees, etc to deepen the XSEDE relationship
      • Education – Jennifer
        • Just completed review process for EMPOWER program; sent recommendation for funding for 10 students
          • Hoping to get some of the students to PEARC
          • Haven’t had any mentor proposals from TACC but do have students so Rosie will follow up offline
        • Working on if the can offer summer workshops that are virtual
    • User Engagement – Chris
      • Putting together email lists for contacting every PI for April as it is the start of a quarter
      • Concerned that the number of active PIs appears low; Chris is investigating; but at least 1500 emails will be sent
      • Talked to Maytal about monitoring user forums
      • Need to proactively write down anything that we do that could generate user input and get together with XCI, Victor, JP to let them know what we are doing; what are the other suggestions?
      • If we have a ticket come in and it goes out to XCI, do we have a mechanism in place to close the loop? We don’t have a public facing display of the tickets?
        • Let’s get a meeting together with CEE to come up with a solution and then go to XCI with that
    • Broadening Participation - Linda
    • UII – Maytal
      • New XSEDE website
      • Globus identity management – finally went out the door
      • Working with training to get roadmaps and microsurvey completed
      • Has some ideas with regards to the review and the portal – such as creating discovery environments but will share with Kelly when needed
    • Campus Engagement – Dana and Henry
      • Marisa is the new Champions coordinator
      • Do have some regional champion meetings coming up
      • For the review: think of some of the things that you have done over the last year, besides growing numbers, would be good to highlight such as the sustainability plan


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