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Participants: Leslie Morsek, Kelly Gaither, Jennifer Houchins, Aaron Weeden, Alex Rocha, Henry Neeman, Jay Alameda, Weddie Jackson, Marques Bland, Jeff Sale, Marisa Brazil, Susan Mehringher, Mana Shantharam

  • Important Dates
    • Annual Report – due 5/17/19
  • General Announcements– Kelly
    • CEE received good feedback from XAB; one overarching request that requires area-wide level of effort to answer: where did we come from longitudinally? (ex. Evolution of training materials); XAB wants to know now is what is our story? We’re being asked to reflect.
    • CEE needs to be proactive with the Diversity numbers if we want changes with them. While we have limited control in certain ways, we don’t want that to paralyze us from being proactive – acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses – and how we’re going to address them
  • WBS area updates
    • Workforce Development – Jennifer
        • EMPOWER  - applications have been reviewed and will be notifying folks soon; most applicants ever for summer (67 students applied); numbers go up every cycle.
        • Education workshop this summer – taking applications – deadline is this Friday, but likely extending; topics: HPC curriculum development and community building; Workshop is at U. of Tulsa
      • Training – Susan
        • There are a lot of workshops going on; YouTube – added 4th playlist – have full set of 24 videos, as planned; two new roadmaps this quarter; after webinar tried office hours by zoom – no one showed up – no need for office hours going forward; considering some wording changes in training materials.
      • Student Programs – Rosie
      • Education – Jennifer/Kate
    • User Engagement – Bryan
    • Broadening Participation – Linda
    • UII – Maytal
    • Campus Engagement – Dana and Henry
      • Class of fellows to present to Campus Champions; in process of recruiting process for next class; preparing for PEARC; collected data from campus champions of their activities re: to metrics and it’s an impressive list.
  • General Discussion
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