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Participants: Leslie Morsek, Kelly Gaither,  Aaron Weeden, Alex Rocha, Henry Neeman, Jay Alameda, Weddie Jackson, Bryan Snead, Linda Akli, Jeff Sale, Rosie Gomez, Dana Brunson, John Holly, Unislawa Williams

  • Important Dates
  • General Announcements– Kelly
  • WBS area updates
    • Workforce Development - Linda
      • Training – Susan
        • Rolling out monthly HP workshops - business as usual.
        • Driving terminology taskforce – because Training delivers the most hours of training and more likely someone will catch something said. 
          •  Taskforce is moving along
      • Student Programs – Rosie
        • Applications for EMPOWER for spring are open; summer program is completed – 20 students completed program - 3 presented posters at conferences and others are preparing papers; 53 applied for fall program – 20 students participating fall and have submitted September progress report – one student is preparing a poster for a conference in the spring; Aaron will be presenting at SC20 - best practices presentation.
        • Collaborating with broadening participation; exhibited at TAPIA 2020 conference; planning to exhibit virtually at SACNAS; selected 21 students for training – advanced computing for social change.
      • Education – Kate 
        • Pressing forward with data science fellow and advanced computing for social change in box model; how to identify data sets and how it is used.
    • User Engagement – Bryan
      • Prepping to send emails to PIs as usual.
    • Broadening Participation – Linda 
      • Reorganized the wiki; Jamie SC20 working on HPC in the city hackathon – 12 students and 10 mentors already.
    • UII – Maytal
    • Campus Engagement – Dana and Henry
      • New champions fellows paperwork is going through; coordinating champions and student champions.
    • General Discussion
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