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Call Notes

2021_01_12 Call Notes.pdf2020_01_14 Call Notes.pdf2019_01_08 Call Notes.pdf2017_01_10 Call Notes.pdf
2021_01_26 Call Notes.pdf2020_01_21 Call Notes.pdf2019_03_12 Call Notes.pdf2017_03_28 Call Notes.pdf
2021_02_09 Call Notes.pdf2020_01_28 Call Notes.pdf2019_04_09 Call Notes.pdf2017_06_13 Call Notes.pdf
2021_02_23Call Notes.pdf2020_02_18 Call Notes.pdf2019_04_23 Call Notes.pdf2017_07_25Call Notes.pdf
2021_03_23Call Notes.pdf2020_03_03 Call Notes.pdf2019_05_14 Call Notes.pdf2017_08_22 Call Notes.pdf
2021_04_06 Call Notes.pdf2020_03_17 Call Notes.pdf2019_06_04 Call Notes.pdf2017_10_31 Call Notes.pdf
2021_04_20 Call Notes.pdf2020_03_24 Call Notes.pdf2019_06_18 Call Notes.pdf
2021_05_18 Call Notes.pdf2020_03_31 Call Notes.pdf2019_07_02 Call Notes.pdf2018
2021_06_01 Call Notes.pdf2020_04_07 Call Notes.pdf2019_07_24 Call Notes.pdf2018_01_16 Call Notes.pdf
2021_07_13 Call Notes.pdf2020_04_14 Call Notes.pdf2019_08_13 Call Notes.pdf2018_03_20 Call Notes.pdf
2021_08_24 Call Notes.pdf2020_04_28 Call Notes.pdf2019_08_20 Call Notes.pdf2018_04_03 Call Notes.pdf
2021_09_07 Call Notes.pdf2020_05_12 Call Notes.pdf2019_09_03 Call Notes.pdf2018_05_09 Call Notes.pdf
2021_09_21 Call Notes.pdf2020_05_26 Call Notes.pdf2019_09_24 Call Notes.pdf2018_05_23 Call Notes.pdf
2021_10_19 Call Notes.pdf2020_06_16 Call Notes.pdf2019_10_01 Call Notes.pdf2018_07_03 Call Notes.pdf
2021_11_02 Call Notes.pdf2020_06_30 Call Notes.pdf2019_10_08 Call Notes.pdf2018_08_16 Call Notes.pdf
2021_11_23 Call Notes.pdf2020_07_14 Call Notes.pdf2019_10_22 Call Notes.pdf2018_08_21 Call Notes.pdf
2021_12_14 Call Notes.pdf2020_08_04 Call Notes.pdf2019_11_12 Call Notes.pdf2018_09_11 Call Notes.pdf

2019_12_17 Call Notes.pdf2018_10_09 Call Notes.pdf
2018_11_20 Call Notes.pdf
2022_01_25 Call Notes.pdf2020_10_13 Call Notes.pdf
2018_11_27 Call Notes.pdf
2022_02_08 Call Notes.pdf2020_10_27 Call Notes.pdf
2018_12_18 Call Notes.pdf
22_02_22 Call Notes.pdf2020_11_24 Call Notes.pdf

2022_03_15 Call Notes.pdf

2022_03_29 Call Notes.pdf

2022_04_19 Call Notes.pdf

2022_-5_03 Call Notes.pdf

2022_06_21 Call Notes.pdf

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